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Dragon Fall!
Chapter 1
Goku : all right! let's settle this once and for all!!!
Vegita : yeah right, kakarot!!!! or should I say, cacarott?
Goku : shut up! let's just start!
After a good 10 minutes...
Vegita : yeah!!! I'm going to win this!!! kakarot, prepare for your demise!!!
Goku : no, this can't be!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (an explosion is heard)
computer : sorry player 1, you lost, player 2, you're the winner!
Vegita : HA!!! see? I beat you!!! I'm better than you at Space Invaders!!!!
Goku : oh, just shut up!
After a good 3 hours of Vegita bragging about his victory...
Gohan : hey, dad! could you lend me your handbands for a while? it's just that this guy almost pushed me into a passing car intentionaly and I want to kick his ******* ass!!!
Goku : Gohan!!! don't say that word in front of Goten!!!!
Goten : what word, this word? ******* ass!!! cool word!!!! ******* ass!!! ******* ass!!! ******* ass!!!
Chichi : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop that at once!!!! Gohan, you're grounded!!!!!
Gohan : but - but -
Chichi : no buts, mister! go to your room, now!!! on the double!!!
Gohan : awwwww, man! and I was going to kick that guy's living -
Roshi : hello!!! how's everyone?
Goku : I don't know, I got beaten by Vegita on Space Invaders, Gohan got grounded for saying a rather sickening word (looks at Gohan, who gives him a "what did I do?" look), and I guess you came just in time when he was about to say another one...
Gohan : what do you mean another one?
Chichi : you know exactly what your father means!
Gohan : all right! I promise I won't say any of those words again in front of Goten, ok?
Goku : oh, all right. you can go now.
Gohan : dude! I forgot that I have something to do - (cellular phone rings)
Gohan : (answers the phone) what is it? Videl? what? what do you mean? you're saying I'm a mother******? I suck? I'm just a bitchy little weinerdog? why? I didn't get the ******* roses? oh, yeah! I forgot!!! what? that's why I suck? I'm a gay dick? okay, there's been a bit too much - what? I'm not going to keep my ******* mouth shut just like that! all right! I'll get the stupid roses - what? of course there's not going to be any erotic notes in them! I'd have to be gay to do such a thing! what? there's a possibility of that since I'm already gay? look, I was just leaving for them, and no, I wasn't going to become pervert with that lesbian prostitute bitch that works there, ok? see you later, bye! (hangs up phone) whoooo!! sometimes she can be a great pain in the butt! (looks at everyone and decides he talked a bit too much)
Gohan : uh oh...
To be continued...