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Dragon Fall!

                                                           Chapter 6

last chapter, Vegita, Goku, and the dating game guy ran off as they
encountered Frieza, Cell, and Majin Boo, where they found out he was a
Teletubbie lover, and Goten and Trunks pretended that Gohan was lying
when he said that they were acting like zombies, and Majin Boo tortured
the others with the Teletubbies! what's next?

Goten : we're done for!
Trunks : I don't think so!
Gohan : come here, you guys! you'll pay for me not getting my caffeine!
Trunks : or maybe we are! (Piccolo appears) huh?
Piccolo : yo, wassup, Gohan? you doin' some business or somethin'?
Gohan : um, no, I'm trying to cream these guys!
Piccolo : yo, you ain't hurtin' them, Gohan my bro, they're cool, you
Trunks and Goten : Thanks Mr. Piccolo! *run off*
Gohan : what did you do that for?
Piccolo : yo, nobody questions me!
Gohan : are you into drugs again?
Piccolo : yo, what makes you say that? (takes out something out of his
pocket, sniffs it, and puts it back)
Gohan : never mind...
Piccolo : where's Goku? I wanna say hi to 'im!
Gohan : he's probably doing something with Vegita, probably playing
Tetris or something.
Piccolo : oh, well thanks anyways, bro, I'll be seein' ya soon!
Gohan : whatever...

somewhere else...

Frieza : please stop it!!! I beg you!!!
Cell : no more!!! no more!!!
Majin Boo : do you forgive me?
Frieza and Cell : ANYTHING!!! JUST STOP IT!!!!!
Majin Boo : Ok. (turns off TV)
Cell and Frieza : (traumatized) the horror... the horror...


Goku : damn! he's beating me!
Vegita : take that! and that!
Goku : why did I have to choose Street Fighter?
Vegita : 'cause you're a bunghole! AHA! take this!!!
Goku : shit! one hit and I'm dead! wait, take this! SUPER COMBO!!!!
Vegita : oh damn! he's killing me!
Goku : one hit and you're dead!
Vegita : TAKE THIS!!!
Goku : oh no!
Piccolo : Yo, wassup?
Vegita : AAAH!!! who was that?
Goku : take this! (kills his guy) YEAAAH!!!!
Vegita : (turns around) NOOOOOO!!!!! IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!
Piccolo : hey, I was just passin' by, smokin' this cigarette, I get
Vegita : NOOOOO!!!!!! (starts sucking his thumb)
Goku : Piccolo! thanks for coming!
Piccolo : you want me to dump this dudette out?
Goku : nah, he's fun to watch!
Piccolo : yo! look at the time! it's time to nuke the whales!
Goku : wha?
Piccolo : while I'm gone, you can wait for me while readin' this!
(tosses him a magazine)
Goku : Playboy Magazine?
Piccolo : yup, the best of the best!
Goku : um, yeah, you do that!
Gohan : dad! you have Playboy Magazine? YOWZA!!! gimme that! (takes it
Goku : NOT THE MAGAZINE!!! TAKE HIM!!! (points to Vegita, now sucking
his toes)
Gohan : yeah right! ooh, Jenny Craig!!!
Goku : I want to see!
Gohan : Maddona!
Goku : PLEASE!!!!
Gohan : Celine Dion!
Goku : AAAAAAAH!!!!! (goes insane)

                                              To be continued...