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12 CDs for the Price of 1! 12 CDs for the Price of 1!
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Hi I'm Sarrkastik. I decided one day not too long ago that I wanted to build a webpage. Being a newbie, I started searching the web for animated pictures. Well to my surprise,I spent hours and hours and hours looking for animated gifs, jpgs, mp3,and wav files clicking on one page, then having to select another and then another, and after finally getting to the page, not being able to find what I really wanted.

Being an African American woman, I was also interested in finding graphics of my culture. Well I finally did find some but it took so much of my time, that I was pulling my hair and saying things that would have shocked the most jaded sailor.

So I decided to build this site of free stuff, and put it in a centralized location for myself and others like me who like to do one stop shopping.

The objects represented here are my favorites, please come in and use my site, if there is anything that you are looking for that's not found here, please e-mail me.

Don't Forget to tell your friends.
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