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January 18 Hi y'll wzp? I'm soo busy w/ school 'n other stuff so i can't always update this site...i'm soo sorri 'bout that. Beside that, I'm looking for a new layout! Yes..i can't make my own layout :( i'm really really bad at that so don't even ask me to try. I just added a DBZ gallery and a Vampire Princess Miyu Gallery. I'm thinking of changing a sailormoon site to an anime site. What do you think of that? Of course everything will still be here. So don't worry. Well, I'll start to look for anime pictures and infos. Buh Bye! Always Love~Ruby

November 17 Hey sorri for not updating this page for soo long!! Will you forgive me? Of course you will right?? Anyway I added one more link to my favorite site Roses of the Unicorn<---This site is Awesome! Nice layout, lots of pictures and cool links, and many other things to do and best of all she signed my G*Book! lol (just kidding^.^). And I also add more pictures for you to COLOR! Well c-ya for now~!

September 2 HEY GUESS WHAT?!? GUESS WHAT??! Sailor Moon is gonna be on T.V.!!! They gonna show it on KMWB at 3:00 PM starting this Monday!!! I don't know if its gonna be a new series or replay but anyway...Sweet huh?? Yep! Hmm...did I missed anything?? If I did, please e-mail me and tell me about it!! And oh yeah...PLEASE join my Sailor Moon Club!!!

August 27 Hiyaz~! GUESS WHAT?!!??I just made a club for my PSSM website [click here]!! PLEASE JOIN!! You can add your other SailorMoon fans..and even CHAT!! SwEEt huh?? Thanxz YAHOO!
Note: If anyone have a picture that you would like to donate to me...please send them to me!! AOL users! please send the pictures by attachment!! And oh yeah...I NEED FAN ARTS!!! Thankyou buh bye now~!!
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