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Hi, my name is Ruby Simmons, I'm 15 years old, I live in Minnesota with a bunch of animals, I also live with my dog and cat (sorry, stupid joke). This web site is basically the result of me being really bored last summer. There really is no point to this web site except to share a bunch of cool, random stuff with all you strangers. I'd like to direct you to the bottom of your screen where there is a link to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK, PLEASE. All you have to do is answer the questions and rave about my site, it's not that hard and it would make me happy, we all know that's all you want to do! If you have constructive criticism go ahead and put it in my guestbook, other wise saying that my site sucks doesn't really do anything. Random compliments and raves are more than welcome, even if they make no sense (those are the best kind.)


ABout days 'til I go to Ireland.

Today is...

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Cell project (you know you want to learn about rods and cones!)
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