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Queer Youth Exist
Next Meeting: all the time, online!

Queer Youth Exist began as a program for youth in the Twin Cities who are interested in queer (but not necessarily GLBT) culture, particularly BDSM and fetishism. The group met every Wednesday from November, 1999, through late 2000, at District 202 (1601 Nicollet Ave in downtown Minneapolis).

The purpose of this group is to provide information and support in a friendly, safe environment; during our live meeting phase, we invited speakers from the larger community, watched relevant movies, and did our best to build a caring community based on an issue that is not covered by any larger pre-existing community. We strive to keep that community going, and to bring this resource to people outside of Minnesota, too.

Queer Youth Exist has moved entirely online so that we can reach a larger audience. Email us (the e-mail works again!) with any questions you may have, we will continue to provide resources and peer counseling online.

A list of Q&A about our group

Queer Youth Exist's fabulous all-ages Message Board! (it's back!)

An online listing of kink friendly professionals

Amnesty International; protect your rights and the rights of others!

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

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