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My Poetry

This is a collection of poems I've written, some are good some are not, but I thought I'd put them up here for people to read. Please do not reprint or use unless you have e-mailed for permission, thanks. Most of these were written over the past year as I started to come out a funk I had been in for a long time, so they reflect emotions I was having during that time, that I had never been able to write down before, so don't worry about me. Here it goes,also more to come:

My spirit flickered as a cinder
Remnant of a once bright burning flame
A spirit so rich in it's hues

The ashes of life hath all but doused my burning desires
Yet this small cinder has fought against it's demise
Fighting faintly against the trials and travails of life
Not fading it's only want

This meager cinder views it's essence within reach
Yearning to once again become a brilliant light amidst the darkness
Smouldering devinely beneath the gray ashes strewn over it
Gleaming exquisitely crimson

Recapturing it's long lost passion for vitality
A spark bursts from it's breast and a crackle escapes it's lips
As it strains to enkindle the charred remains of it's being

A small flame bursts forth fiecely
Lapping desperately at it's being
Igniting it's soul with a sudden burst and brilliance of flame

Allowing it's true spirit to remove the sullen veil of darkness
Which had nearly smothered it's dying ember
It's spirit surging forth in radiant russet and amber hues

Again free to bask in life's glory
Again free to warm this soul
Again free to enliven this spirit

Many nights I lay awake trembling
Not a trembling of the physical sense
But a deeply rooted trembling of the soul
Fearing myself more than any other being

Many times as I laid awake
Peering deeply into the dark
The darkness in my soul
Death approached as a calming substitute for life

Clamoring and clawing his way into my chest
Finding solace in the gaping crag left there
Attempting to tear his way into my soul
Ripping through the sinew of my being

Trying to reach the marrow of my spirit
Which I clung to with every bit of strength
Invading my heart and mind with cowardice thoughts
Seducing my soul to seek serenity in his clamy hand

Many times I have cheated death in my mind
Refusing to allow him another prize, another victim
Instead I grasped tightly to my spirit
And found my own serenity within

Softly falling snow
Blanketing the ground
With glistening glee
Burying deep the ravages of fall

The bright hues of auburn and maize
Have long since faded
Replaced by tattered and torn
Blacks and browns

This peacefulness falls from the sky
Releaving the eyes of these remains of beauty
Allowing the mind to become vacant as the night
Dreaming of a coming spring

It seems like ages ago now
That your smile last graced my eyes
That your laughter lifted my spirit
That your touch warmed my soul

Yet each day you enter my mind
Through doors I believed sealed
Reminding me of those things so distant
My heart aches trying to reach yours

Yet each night my soul lies empty as I sleep
Holding tightly to precious memories that slowly fade
Hoping to feel that closeness again
A mother's love for her son

Though in my heart I feel it
And my spirit rises from the depths
To see the grace and love bestowed unto me
Through a son's love for his mother

The candle flame of life flickers from time to time
As hardships come and go
Some burn out with the slightest breeze
Some fight against the wind, but slowly fade

I say to you let your flame burn feircely against the winds of life
Do not allow a breeze, a gust or even a gale vanquish you
Let your flame burn brilliantly in the face of these
Alas, your candle will one day be gone, but your flame can burn for an eternity

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