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Life Little Analogies

I know you've all heard about life's little lessons. And I'm sure you are very sick of hearing them, I know I am. But did you ever hear of life's little analogies? Some of you probably have, I know everyone who has had Mr. Byrd as a coach has at least, and most of you have heard some of them, even if you didn't know what they were called. Well I have, Thanks especially to. my coach Mr. Byrd who, as mentioned before, loves to analogize. He uses analogies all the time to get his point across to us, and some of them I will say are quite different. But anyways they're cool so I thought some other people might want to hear them, in case you might find them to be inspirational, and maybe help you win a basketball game like us.

Analogies of the Byrd:

Other random analogies: