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Perhaps the most exiting aspect of bigfoot research is when a bigfoot is caught on film. Below I have listed a few such occasions that can be found on other bigfoot pages. Have a look and see if any of these photos will further your belief in BIGFOOT.

"Patterson/Gimlin Film 1967"

No doubt the most raved and talked about photos of a Bigfoot known today. Shot on 16mm film at Bluff Creek, California on Oct. 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. This film captures what appears to be a female sasquatch walking in the creek bottoms.


"Bigfoot Kills A Cat 1998"

This film was shot on Nov. 24, 1998. It depicts a supposed bigfoot chasing a cat around a field and eventually killing it. Looks more like a drunk person in an ape suit chasing a cat. Entertaining if nothing else. Nonetheless, Total cheese.


"Some Professed Photos Of Bigfoot That Are Too Outrageous To Believe!"

Although this site displays a frame of the Patterson footage, the other alleged photos leave something to be desired. The first being the Wild Creek photo which speaks for itself. The other is a photo taken of a white bigfoot somewhere in Texas around 1969. Looks more like a stack of marshmallos to me. Possibly a snowman. Whatever it may be, I can assure you it is anything but a bigfoot. Enjoy!


"The Myakka Skunk Ape Caught on Film!"

The latest photos of the elusive Skunk Ape taken near Myakka State Park in the Fall of 2000. Is this the Florida Skunk Ape?

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"Texas Bigfoot Footage"

This film footage was taken by Danny Sweeten on October 5, 1995. Danny states that he was looking at some property that was for sale near the Sam Houston Nation Forest in Texas when he stumbled upon this Bigfoot. Supposedly, the bigfoot smacked Danny in the chest and took off running. Danny was able to video tape the creature running away. The Bigfoot in this photo is located in the upper left hand area. It is speculated that this footage was hoaxed.


"The Luxembourg Bigfoot, 2001"

Frank Hansen of Luxembourg, Europe took this photo while hiking in the woods near Schouweiler, Luxembourg on Aug 11, 2001. Have a look.


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