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Several Bigfoot Related Stories

WHERE: Chippewa County, Wisconsin.

WHEN: Early 1970's

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:I don,t know where to begin. Those guys(Wisconsin lingo) have been around since I was 18 yrs. old. Mainly because my parents moved to Lower Long Lake in Chippewa County after I graduated from high school. I saw a man's face in the bushes near a town road where my parent's lived at the time. I kept saying hi repeatedly. He stared straight ahead probably because I saw him. He was not mean. Even earlier, my grandfather owned a cottage not far from this same town road. I was with several friends and my siblings on a private road all lined with cottages along the shoreline of Lower Long Lake. Pebbles were thrown one at a time at our group. Foolish children assumed the perpetrators were older boys and hollered threats. The stones graduated to larger stones and one headed straight for me. Luckily I stepped back and whoever it was missed me. At my suggestion, we all left. I had a suspicion that the perps were not any one I knew. It scared me at the time.
One warm winter day, I took a walk through the woods my father owned at the time. It was late March where the snow was heavy and melting. I came across a huge long and tall broken pine bough shelter that was 20 feet long approximately. In my mind, I thought an animal might live in there and took a closer look. There were a set of big foot prints in the snow leading out from the shelter and one set of prints leading into the shelter. Bigfoot came to mind fleetingly because I didn't know for sure they were real. I continued on the logging trail to an open field and further along returned to the woods toward home. I was goofing off with my voice singing and mimicking crows. It was after I screeched like a chimpanzee that the stalking and branch breaking began. I am either a fool or incredibly brave because I could feel some one in back of me watching me as the branch breaking got louder and more frequent. Every time I looked around I saw nothing. I am a good dancer and even in ballet even though I have had little training. I decided to leap very high in the air and use my arms to spin around landing on my feet again facing the oposite direction. On my way down to my feet, I saw him standing in the open. I never saw a huminoid so beautiful in all my life. He had a huge walrus mustache and hair on his head that was blonde. He moved like a ballet dancer so smooth and graceful. All I could do is stare while he hid behind a tree and then I could see he was incredibly tall. When I first saw him, he was bent over. Any way, the rest of him was a beautiful auburn brown. His hair at the top of the middle of his shoulders was standing on end. I thought at first it was a guy in a fake fur jacket and fake fur coat. AMy later thought was this is a bigfoot and I was the luckiest person alive. I spoke in real soft tones and sensed he was near. This guy is incredibly patient and peaceful because when he got sick of me, he scraped bark off of an oak tree in back of me.
My sister saw an outline of one in the dark. She was scared out of her wits. He was in the woods and she said he looked like a football player only really tall. Another night, she hollored out the bedroom window in the middle of the night because they were screaming so loud. Incredibly she does not believe they live near there.

Lower long lake in Chippewa County is part of a huge chain of lakes beginning in Rusk County. There are two lakes in close proximity to each other. Larabee lake is mostly surrounded by a natural cranberry and blueberry bog. Loads of fish there as well as raccoon, beaver, muskrat, bobcat,wild turkey, deer and on and on. Lower Long Lake is the other and quite large with very deep spots. Highway 40 is the closest highway.

OTHER NOTES: (BY MURPH) "The sightings began in a small patch of woods a few miles north of Bloomer,Wisconsin in around 1971 or 1972. The sightings continued off and on until she moved away. The lake was full of crayfish at that time but they began to diminish and become a bit harder to catch. Local anglers surmised it was the non native rusty crayfish from someones bait bucket that caused this fall off. She showed us where she had found what looked like a shelter made with broken pine boughs way back then. It had one set of huge footprints leading out of it on a snowing March day and none going in.On a later occassion she actually saw a bigfoot lying prone on a hilltop staring at her as she passed. She said he had human like features,with blond hair and a flowing moustache. The hair on his body was darker with light tips. On another occassion her and her friends began to get pelted with pebbles as they hunted crayfish and frogs along the shore. So they tossed bigger rocks into the woods in retaliation. Soon a rock the size of a grapefruit came flying their way so they all took off running for home. If the other kids spotted what was in those woods they kept it to themselves. The lady told me that at first she tried to tell herself it was just some guy living in the woods and rationalize it that way. But as she grew up,she knew more and more that this hair covered guy was no ordinary hermit. She has kept it to herself pretty much until recently and would like to remain anonymous. Their was one particular trail that looked like and ideal travel route for any Bigfoot passing thru and I asked the lady to concentrate her nature walks there. Interestingly as an adult she doesn't take those walks alone like she did as a youngster."