(wow I just can't get it to look like it does in the .txt file here)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hmm..... let's see...first time I've actually made a real post (ever). I have a story to tell, because people have been basically believing what they wanted to until now (Yes, about my osode, and what happened with me and L7). No one has ever asked me what really happened, they just believed whatever their friends told them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So anyway, I guess the beginning of it all was when Frozenx and Doodlebug had first left L7 and went to BBQ (No grudges against either, I'm just explaining what all happened). Not too long after fx and doodle, Binyabr had also left L7 for BBQ. My friend Myrin had talked to me about applying for BBQ (At this time L7 wasn't doing any events because of a lack of the correct jobs). Later Myrin had told me that he had applied and had left L7, but wasn't sure if he was accepted yet, the thought of applying crossed my mind but I never really was sure of trying it yet. I had been in L7 for a while, I was use to it, I had quite a bit of points and had plans of getting a lot of things still, I didn't want to just leave to do the same things over somewhere else (You know what I mean? And besides, I didn't want to stop hearing Sidant's random sarcastic comments). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time I hadn't had my L7 pearl on much, and one day I was camping simurgh with some friends (Don't remember who), I had been talking to Avalonx (God only knows about what now) when not too long after I started camping he had came with some people in L7 also and decided to camp also (Had basically /searched me and decided to come without telling me. (No, I'm not angry about it still, I'm just explaining another part of this story of what hapened). I had asked him what he was doing here and he replied saying something similar to "The same reason you're here", a while after his party had claimed Simurgh. At the time I was pretty disappointed about people from the same ls searching me and just camping on me without really saying anything. I figured I'd just apply for BBQ at the time for the hell of it to see what would happen, I was told I would be able to stay anonymous while applying but that managed to go out the window in record time. The next day I heard that someone told L7 that I had applied for BBQ, I was asked a few times if I really did but I had never replied to the question. I still wasn't even sure if I wanted to leave L7, I was angry at the time when I applied. Later in the evening Myrin had told Kitsume he was officially leaving the linkshell, a few minutes later, Kitsume, throwing one of his usual fits after hearing from someone that I applied for BBQ, decides to randomly send me a tell saying "Blacklisted. Next time tell me to my face when you have something to say." I hadn't even said myself that I applied or that I was leaving.