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The Tektron Empire

The Tektron Empire, sometimes referred to by its citizens as the Galactic Empire, is an organization which has sworn to destroy the SA even if it has to die with it. It is ruled by the evil Emporer Pulpy O. Juice and his aprentice, Dark Helmet. The Emporer's middle name is rumored to be 'Orange', but nobody dares say it in his presence because he has the power of the Farce. Dark Helmet, who also has the Farce, loyally carries out his master's bidding at auctions.

Although the dark side of the Farce is strong, Dark helmet is seeking out Duke Highflyer, who is strong in the Farce and is rumored to be his son. After the Destruction of the second Superstar*, the Emporer's clone took over and things went downhill from there. (Clones aren't very bright, you know.) The economy got bad, golf scores went way up, and bowling scores went way down. Then it was discovered that the emporer and Dark Helmet were still alive- they had taken the day off and gone golfing, leaving their stunt doubbles to run the place. Their sub-space-way train had just been delayed. Things got better, but during the depression, attacks from aliens ravaged all but the star systems closest to the center of their civilization. A rebellion has also started. This prompted the Emporer to build a military force of Clones- complete genetic copies of each other. No one would question his orders. The result was a military force unlike any ever made. It was perfect. Or so they thought.

The only problem was a fatal flaw in the genetic blueprint of the clones. The obvious result of this blunder was that a clone's brain couldn't run all of the bodily functions and fight in combat at the same time. Installing a computer system into each clone was the answer. The not-so-obvious result was not discovered until much, much later.....

During the attack on the Yadot system, the UFO betrayed the Tektron and sent another superweapon to destroy the Tektron homeworld. Right after completing its mission, the UFO ship was damaged by Tektron defenses and dropped into a black hole. The UFO mothership went down with it, and the UFO haven't been seen since.

Intelligence Documents

The documents below are straight from the Intelligence Office Archives. Definitions of the ship class prefixes can be found here

ITF Shadow- the Tektron's only standard fighter.

ITGV Nightchaser- the Tektron's main ground fighting vehicle.

Pictures of Experimental Fighting Vehicle- class unknown. These pictures are of the re-constructed wreck of a vehicle that presumably belonged to Tektron.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5

* A Superstar is a creation of Tektron's. It is 10 times as big as an Intergalactic Starcruiser. It is a spaceship that is built around a star; a huge laser draws power from the star to blow planets into small peices so they can be fed into the fuel and supply systems. The first Superstar was destroyed when Duke Highflyer shot the laser focusing device just as it was about to discharge. This caused the laser to fire back at the Superstar. The ship exploded and the star was set off, too. The second Superstar was still under construction when a small group of sabateurs planted a nuclear bomb on the end of a robotic arc welder.