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History of the New Galaxy

This message was found on the planet Yadot 9. Our archaeologists have dated it back to before the Great Destruction. Many debates have arisen over its authenticity. Read it and decide for yourself.

Terms to Know:

Even though you probably know what some of these terms are, I put them here to make things clear to others. Thanks.
  1. Vaartron System: a star system on the edge of the galaxy
  2. Survival Alliance (SA): a group that escapes Galactic War III
  3. Intergalactic Starcruiser: the largest kind of spaceship ever built; it can carry millions of people and thousands of tons of supplies
  4. Hyperspace: in order to travel great distances, great speed is needed. When spaceships travel faster than light, they fall into hyperspace- an above-space "freeway"
  5. Reactor: nuclear reactor (of course). the main power source for most spaceships- from light fighters to starcruisers (and beyond!)
  6. Tektron: an evil force in the new galaxy

It all began with the Galactic War III of 4803- after the collapse of the New Republic. The Jet-eye had disbanded and were almost entirely extinct. With the galaxy torn apart, and so many independent states fighting for power, the galaxy was in a state of chaos. The people of the Vaartron star system banded together to escape the troubles of their world and start over. The only solution: Escape The Galaxy! Nobody had ever been beyond the Outer Limits before, although some probes have been able to send back a little information. It was a great risk. The nearest galaxy, L1901,Was far away; it would be a long and difficult voyage- 25 years [earth time]. So after years of secret planning and construction, Project Outpost was under way. The Survival Alliance was formed, with sub-divisions of Space Police, Roboforce, and Space Police Special Forces. The 15 gargantuan Intergalactic Starcruisers were launched from the industrial planet of Warrain and started on a computer-programmed course to L1901.

Right away they met trouble; a squadron of fighters from the neighboring galaxy, Dorxain, attacked the convoy. After a hard battle, the Vaartronians were victorious. The casualties were great, though. Two cruisers had been damaged and couldn't continue, and one had been destroyed completely. When they were able, the ships jumped into hyperspace and streaked off to L1901.

Although the fighting and destruction were now behind them, they were far from safe.

About two years (our time) into the voyage, one of the large starcruisers developed a reactor leak and dropped out of hyperspace, never to be seen again. Three weeks later, some of the crew, who had been showing signs of tension, snapped and mutinied. They captured two large ships. The mutineers had intended to turn around, but, to their frustration, the computer-set course couldn't be changed. The mutineers had captured a battlecruiser, and attacked the SA. The SA was caught totally by surprise and lost annother cruiser. (this battle took place during a "pitstop" to check star charts and re-orient the cruisers.) The SA leaders were finally able to change the course of the "good guy" ships and jumped into hyperspace, activating the "enemy" ships' hyperdrives and pre-set course to the old destination as well.

When the SA arrived at L1901, they found a nearly perfect star system and called it Yadot. The best planet to settle on was Yadot 4. The SA set up the capitol, Corinth, and organized the New System Alliance- the SA still!

Once the SA landed in the Yadot system, they destroyed all plans for the Intergalactic Starcruisers and turned several of the surviving ISC's into national monuments. They also destroyed plans for the cryogenic freezing technology so nobody could go back and reveal their oasis to the Old Galaxy. Through acts of subterfuge and some really good luck, the SA managed to send a suicide team into Tektron territory and do away with their ISC's. Now the SA was completely safe.

The New System Alliance was eager to begin building their race up again, and, led by the very excellent Supreme Chancellor Andrew and his apprentice in the Farce, Duke Highflyer, the SA was growing and expanding much faster than was expected.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, the Tektron force was formed, led by the dark Emporer Pulpy O. Juice, who was also strong in the Farce, but had chosen to turn to evil; his apprentice, Dark Helmet, seeks out Duke Highflyer and wants him to turn to the dark side of the Farce. Together they have sworn to crush the SA.