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The Blacktron Empire

This is all the information we have on the Blacktron. They are a mysterious group, much like the Technic Giants, but with galactic domination in mind. Recently, though, we have recieved distress signals from some of their outposts. These signals were silenced as soon as we detected UFO ships in the area...

The Blacktron is highly advanced in robotics and computer technology. They extensively use robotics and computers to enhance a minifig's endurance and to prolong his life.

Some spy reports indicate they have a Neural Coordinate Mapping Device, NCoM Device for short. It scans a person's entire brain and inserts the program into a computer. The NCoM Device may be a way to make truly intelligent machines.

Their main fighting units consist of artificially intelligent computers- these computers seem to have organic compounds in them, but we aren't sure. These fighting units are androids in the form of minifigs and pilot the Blacktron's ships and vehicles.

Blacktron Craft

Arjuna-class Bombers. The main bomber for the Blacktron.

GBF Raptor. The Raptor is the Blacktron's main fighter.

GBMU Biped. The Biped is the first vehicle of its kind in the New Galaxy- a mech.

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