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The Secret Annex

The secret annex was an area in the top attic area of Mr. Franks buisness. The door was hidden behind a bookshelf that was on hinges that way noone could see that there was a room up there. It was very cramped for the Franks and Van Daan's to all live up there for 2 years, but they got by.
This is a picture of Mr. Franks buisness the annex is on the highest floor in the way back.

  • On July 6, 1942 Anne and her family went into hiding in the secret Annex at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

    The Frank family had been planning on going into hiding in the attic area of Mr Franks buisness, known as the secret annex. Until Margot got a call from the SS they wern't sure when they should go, everyone was worried and plans were made to go into hiding immediately everyone was scared. Before going into hiding the Franks left a peice of paper in thier house with an address written on it that was in Switzerland and the rumor was believed that they had escaped to switzerland. On July 13 in 1942 The Van Daan (Van Pels)family joined them in hiding in the Secret Annex. Anne and Mr. Van Daan did not get along very well.

    After a while on November 16, 1942 Mr. Dussel (Fritz Pheffer) joins the group of seven already hiding in the secret annex.
    Anne Kept her diary updated very often in the annex. Her and Peter started to get along but Anne did decide that he wasn't her type he still wasn't outgoing enough he was still too shy. On August 4, 1944 The eight people in hiding are arrested and sent to Westerbork. On September 3, 1944 they are put on the transport bound for Auschwitz, and from there they are sent to other concentration camps. Only Otto Frank survives. On June 3, 1945 Otto Frank, the only one who survived, returns to Amsterdam. people in the annex