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Several factors increase the risk that a teenager will attempt suicide:

■ Depression or feelings of loneliness or helplessness
■ Alcohol or drug addiction
■ A family history of abuse, suicide, or violence
■ Previous suicide attempts; almost half of teens who commit suicide had attempted suicide previously.
■ A recent loss such as a death, break-up, or parentsí divorce Illness or disability
■ Stress over school, relationships, performance expectations, etc.
■ Fear of ridicule for getting help for problems
■ Being bullied or being a bully
■ Social isolation is common
■ Access to firearms or other lethal objects
■ A belief that suicide is noble
■ Frequently exhibit low self-esteem.
■ Writes, draws, or talks about death.
■ Cares little about things once important.
■ Has made suicidal gestures.
■ Is truant from or failing in school.

90 percent of people who attempt or commit suicide suffer from a mental illness, such as:

■ Depression, which causes a teen to feel sad, lonely, withdrawn, and unable to accomplish simple tasks.

■ Bipolar disorder, where a teen alternates between periods of depression and mania, characterized by exuberance, insomnia, irritability, and inability to concentrate.

■ Schizophrenia, a complicated condition where a teen has hallucinations or distorted perceptions of reality.

■ Alcoholism or drug addiction, especially when combined with another mental health disorder; 20 to 50 percent of suicide attempts are related to drug or alcohol use.

Please note that all of the above can be due to a DISEASE! A Mental Illness! This is not something a child or teenager can "fix" by him or herself. They need professional help and as parents you need to get them that help. I cannot stress how important this is!!!
Never think that it won't happen to "your" teen because you don't know and need to watch them carefully.