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Common Warning Signs of Suicidal Ideation:
(The more signs seen, the greater the concern)

1. Makes threats ("I'm going to die" or "I wish I was dead" or "You'll be sorry when I'm gone")

2. Draws or writes about death and suicide. (on book covers, in journals, notebooks, etc.)

3. Sudden changes in behavior (severe withdrawal,quits eating, can't sleep, or sleeps all the time)

4. Avoids friends and activities which had been enjoyable in the past.

5. Growing periods of depression and shutting people out from their true feelings.

6. Suddenly gives away prized or valuable possessions (stereos, jackets, jewelry - high risk sign)

7. Student is under extreme pressures, such as abuse, loss of someone close, tragedy, etc.

8. Student becomes angry or sad for no apparent or obvious reason.

9. Student begins to abuse alcohol and other drugs, or exhibits other high-risk behaviors.