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Littleton, Colorado...The Tragedy

In Memory of...(The official page)

A Prayer For Our Kids

By: Shauna Smith
16 1/2
Beaverton, Oregon

Our kids are dying. We hear it everyday.
But we try not to think, we don't know what to say.
We all just wonder, "what went wrong?"
We repeat it over and over, like a really bad song.
We hear of mass murders, and mass sucide,
We run in our homes and look for places to hide.
We don't really know just how it might feel,
To know your loved one is dead and cannot heal.
This poem goes out to those lost in Denver,
They may be gone, but they'll be here forever.
I want to cry, for I am deeply sad,
But i'm still in shock so I can only feel bad.
We had it happen here, but not this extreme,
How can two kids be so cruel, how can they be so mean?
Something had happened, something has changed,
In blood our hands are covered, in blood they are stained.
We're all responsible for the actions of others,
For we're all sisters, we're all brothers.
I'm scared for myself and those I know,
We all fear that we may be the next to go.
We don't know what to do or where to turn,
So we let our anger and hurt fester and burn.
For those we lost on April 20th, my prayers go out to you,
I'm sorry it took us so long to finally get a clue.
You lost your lives, but gained your peace and are finally out of pain,
I hope we'll learn from what happened there,
and it won't have all been in vain.