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John Lennon sang "Imagine there's no heaven..." I'm thinking, "Imagine there is..."

...a place where you can be busy if you want to be, where you can go to sleep when you are tired - a deep, deep sleep so you wake up feeling like you have had a life transfusion.

I am thinking of a place where nobody notices their nakedness, and species are not endangered. Where people meet you and do not notice your bone structure or your color, because they are so struck by your soul. Where they hear your spirit not your accent, and everyone knows that everyone is only a mere immortal.

You will not have to pray because you can talk. There is no need for churches, mosques, or temples... and God will not be a rumor because He will have a front door. A place where every time you bump into a why you can find a because.

Words like love, hope and peace will be the norm, and some words will not be used at all... fear, poverty, pain, death... because these words will come from an ancient language no longer understood.

I am imagining a place called heaven. Where you can soar through the air on wings like an eagle, where you can trust everyone, where you can be an artist, poet or whatever you want to be, and be equal to everyone else.

I'm thinking of a place where you are loved unconditionally.

Just imagine...