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WOW! So many horses, I had to let some run free, and build another barn! As usual, I hope you enjoy, and find something here you like! ~Tania~

~Two horse heads~~Three horse heads~~Red galloping~~Black galloping~
~Appy galloping~~Bay galloping~~Paint galloping~~Rider~
~Appy~~Arab~~Tan horse~~Rider~
~Paint~~Paint~~Tree BG~~Tree~
~White Fence~~Awesome BG~~Paints Bordered BG~~Herd Galloping~
~Rearing Horse~~Rearing Colt~~Cowboy Roppin'~~Rider On Bay~
~Pnto Face~~Brown Fence~~Pegasus~~Fresian~
~Andulasion(?)~~Paint Head~~Paint Mare & Foal~~Running Bay~
~Brown Tree BG~~Paint~~Pinto~~Paint & Boy Line~
~Boy & Horses~~Blue Horses BG~~Mare & Foal BG~~Matches BG~
~Horse Line~~Mountain BG~~Mountain~~# In Field~
~Field BG~~Nodding Paint~~Horse Dreams~~Indian Horse~
~Bay~~Easter Foal BG~~Draft Line~~Xmas Horse Line~
~Grey~~Ma & Baby~~White Lady~~SaddleBred~
~Grazing~~Arab Face~~Bail of Hay~~Lil' Barn~
~Bay 2~~Rearing Horse Line~~Saddle on Fence~~Saddled Appy~
~Rearng Horse~~Frolicking Pony~~Hackney Pony~~Roppin' Cowboys~
~Paint~~Draft Horse~~Horses Line~~Grey Horse Line~
~Two Foals~~Heart Foal~~Jumping Appy~~Pinto Line~
~Shetland~~Horse "Plate"~~Bay Arab~~Grey Horse Line 2~
~Arab Head~~Andalusian~~Paint with Rider~~Tenn. Walker BG~
~Grey Horse~~Grey Arab~~Rearing Horses~~Pink Horse Line~
~Horse Heads Line~~Polo~~Running White~~Horse World Line~
~Barn with Horses~~Barn Line~~Horses Line 2~~Blue Horse Line~
~POA~~Blue Horse Line~