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Puafua Emails

The Gigs We Did Last Summer...

We've dug up some of the more memorable bulk emails we sent out back in Puafua times, so sit back and remember the good old days.

Date: Tue Dec 7, 1999 6:25 pm

Subject: A Very Merry Puafua Weekend

Most indubitable salutations to all who yearn for the word which is Puafua:

In the midst of preparing for our release party on the 16th, the traveling octet, known to you as Puafua, will take a few stops beforehand…

This Friday, December 10, 1999 Puafua opens for the 3 Minute Hero CD Release Party at The Cabooze, Mpls. Doors: 8pm. Puafua: 9:00 pm.

The following day join us along with Eddie Mac and Crazy Betty at The Nor Shor Theater on Superior street in Duluth MN. Puafua also opens this show: 9pm.

Baker's Choice, the new Puafua release, produced and recorded by Roger Learned, will have its premiere on December 16th. Stay tuned for more information on the last huge event of 1999 (besides the total demise of the human race)….

Date: Tue Dec 14, 1999 10:33 am

Subject: Puafua Bootleg Release this Thurs.

What?!? PUAFUA limited bootleg tape release? Wookie Foot CD Release? Meet some NBA hopefuls??? And more? At the 7th St. Entry this Thursday? Free Show???? What?!?!?!

It's all true. Yes, it is.

First of all, if you haven't already met the Wookie Foot, then please meet the Wookie Foot. That band alone is bound to put on one hell of an entertaining show. Their CD is great, so bring some extra cash.

But as if that weren't enough, Puafua has enlisted good pals The 420 All Stars to kick things off. Yes, I said and meant KICK. They will, too, there's no doubt. A few of the 420 guys are featured on Puafua's newest release…

Baker's Choice, recorded and created by Roger Learned (D RA), is the new bootleg tape being sold by Puafua, probably for $5 or less. Proceeds go to the "Save the Fua" fund. There are some really cool live jams on this tape, including some of the stuff heard at the infamous Red Sea/ Killamanjaro show from November. Puafua also has some special plans for you this Thursday, so come ready to have some fun and to rock and roll.

As for the NBA hopefuls: you'll have to meet them for yourself.

Thursday, December 16, 1999 7th St. Entry; Downtown Mpls., corner of 1st. Ave and 7th St., (diagonally across from Target Center) Free Show: Must have valid (or convincing fake) I.D. Doors: 8pm 420 All Stars: 9pm Wookie Foot: 10:15pm Puafua: 11:30pm

As always, check out and have a hip week.

The Puafua Band

Date: Wed Jan 19, 2000 6:54 pm

Subject: Puafua Show In Monticello

Hello extreme PUAFUA fans. This email is for you.

This Friday, Jan 14th Puafua and the 420 All Stars team up at the Riverside Saloon, Monticello on Hwy 25 (N of 94 just across the river). 9pm

Last time these two bands met at this location, the room was packed and the drinks flowed like the Hershey's Syrup in Homer Simpson's dreamland. Come enjoy a Minnesota star city!

With love,

The Puafua boys


(It'll be cold, so bring the little Scandinavian inside of you, donchaknow!)

Ok now, when is it there, boys? This Saturday the 15th of Jan. 2000.

Well, what's the deal then? We open for 3 Minute Hero.

Ok, now, what time is it at there? 9pm.

So where do I go to then? O'Gara's Garage. Just S. of 94 on Snelling.

Have you been out feeshin' here thisyar? No, we have not ice fished yet.

Liketogo? Gotsumroom, y'know. We'll see.

Got a web site I can surf there? The Mrs. and I like the web, y'know.

Date: Sat Feb 5, 2000 9:03 am

Subject: Puafua Party Today!!!

Hello Email checkers:

Well, our show at the Red Sea got cancelled again (2/5/00), but we won’t let that stop PUAFUA and HEED from jammin'!!! But we got such a huge response for the show that we're going to do you one better than the Red Sea: we're having a FREE BEER, FAN APPRECIATION, HOUSE PARTY!!!

How do I get to Casey's? It's easy! Five minutes from the Red Sea!

Starting from the corner where the 400 bar is where the Red Sea is: take Riverside Ave east past Augsburg to 25th Ave. Take a right. Take the second right on Butler Pl. Stay left and get on 94 W. Go about 5 miles (thru tunnel) and exit on Washington Ave N/West Broadway exit. Stay left as the exit curves. Take left onto Washington. Pass some bars. Left on 26th Ave. Go about 3 miles and take right on Newton Ave. Go 2 blks to 29th Ave. Casey's house is on the NE corner (kitty-corner from church). 2900 Newton Ave.

We are asking a donation of $3 at the door. Please be respectful of Casey's and his roommates’ things and do not go into blocked off areas. Smoking permitted in basement only. DRA and friends will be spinning all night downstairs, Puafua and Heed play upstairs. Free kegs (at least one of summit) all night (2-3 kegs for now). Bring some party favors for you and your friends.

Hope to see you there!!

The Puafua boys (and girls).

Date: Wed Feb 9, 2000 10:24 am

Subject: Puafua Plays the Red Carpet Friday

Hello Puafuakateers!

This Friday, the 11th, St. Cloud rolls out the Red Carpet for Puafua(9pm)and the Surahoolies (10:30pm)!!! The Red Carpet, Downtown St. Cloud, 502 St. Germain, St. Cloud, MN.

Thanks to everyone who came to our kick-ass house party over at Casey's. If you left early, don't worry: the kegs were sufficiently tapped. Sorry to anyone who went to the Red Sea expecting to see us and didn't make it out to Casey's. One way or another, our recent Red Sea problems are over, so don't let that make you gun-shy. Guns aren't the problem, people are.

Be sure to check out our website:!!!

With all our love and teanderness,

The Puafua boys

Date: Wed Feb 23, 2000 10:02 am

Subject: PUAFUA Sat Cabooze Show!!!

Hello, you enchanting Puafua reader:

We know you all think of Puafua as a boy-toy band, so we're going to show you how wrong you are! This SATURDAY no song will be lip-synced from the stage, and we will not use any of our back-up tracks. That's right: this SATURDAY Puafua plays their own instruments and sings live!!! We will open things up for the SURAHOOLIES and EDDIE MAC; 9pm at the CABOOZE in Mpls. The cover is $5. But if you want a comp, go to and download one or call me (612) 522-7361. Just ask for COMP-MAN!


Today in PUAFUA History

It was on this day in 1996 that Eric Bequeaith, Puafua trumpet player, made the home brew that inspired Puafua's hour-long "Brew Song." A half-hour version was used for the first year's-worth of set lists in Mpls/St Paul, but even the ½ hour version proved to be too cumbersome for use at local bars and clubs. Today, all that remains of the brew song is a 600 ft. stone carving of the original score, and the beginning segment entitled "Baby, Let's Make Some Brew" which is sometimes tacked onto "Black & Blue Lungs" at shows.

AOK Newsletter To Come Out Within The Week

If you are one of the 1000+ on the Puafua Snail Mail list, you will receive the AOK Newsletter, a scaled-down version of the AOK Magazine (because of postage costs) within the week. It features "Dear Dlyan," the popular advise column by the only man who can't spell his own name, and the first segment of a new comic entitled "MINNEAPOLIS PUAFUA." It is set in the 80s and is based on The A-Team, Magnum PI, Miami Vise, Airwolf, The Fall Guy, and any other show you can think of like that. It has to do with a somewhat fugitive music group who play gigs, but also secretly foils mobsters in their spare time, just like the current Puafua band you know and love. There are also articles about current PF events, and a list of our up-coming shows.

If you would like to receive the newsletter and become a part of the mailing list, send your address to Or pick up a copy at our show, as extras will be on hand while supplies last.

Have a fabulous day, and as always, don't forget to check out!!!


The Puafua boys.

Date: Tue Mar 7, 2000 9:39 am

Subject: A PuaTwo-Fer


Well welly well-well wellinski wellheiser wellininkle. Look who's sending who a Puafua announcement. Well, well, well.

THURSDAY, March 9th PF with Karma Sluts and Peal @ the 7th St Entry. Jeffy buys the first five people to wish him happy birthday a drink. This should be a wild, rockin' party - don't miss it! Doors @ 8pm. Show @ 9pm.

SATURDAY, March 11th is a Puapalooza with Bionic Monkey at Eclipse Records, 1692 Grand Ave. in St Paul (Just off Snelling). THIS IS A FREE ALL AGES SHOW, so bring your friends and family of all ages! There is mucho coolo vinalo, and a separate room with a stage; in other words the place is decked out and hip. Come down and check it out - you'll like it. Show starts 8pm.


Today in PUAFUA History…

It was on this day in 1997 that T-bone player, Aaron Stoehr set out from Rochester towards Minneapolis with nothing but a backpack, a trombone, a guitar, and a dream. That dream was to play T-bone with the most kick-ass horn section and band possible. Kissing his girlfriend good bye with teary eyes and a promise to return and bring her to the big city once he got set up, he walked to the Greyhound station in a frenzy of emotion. Both his pairs of underwear were packed snugly into that overstuffed pack, along with toothbrush, blanket and a pillow. His guitar would keep him from dying of insanity on those lonely nights while he searched for a job and a band, and his t-bone would be his window to his soul, once he found the band he had always dreamed of. And it would be at his art studio job that he would meet Casey, drummer of the quickly rising Puafua band. And the rest of the story will be on stage for all to hear Thurs the 9th and Sat the 11th….


Puafua Bites Dog

In an unrelated story, the entire band bit a stray dog yesterday.


Puafua To Be On Compilation CD for N.O.R.M.L.

The benefit "Free Weed" sponsored by N.O.R.M.L. will be held on 4/19/00 at 1st Ave. Becoming a member of N.O.R.M.L. means a free compilation CD with a list of bands that includes Dred I Dread, Wookie Foot, Atmosphere, Native Ones, Puafua, 420 All-Stars, the Big Wu, and more. N.O.R.M.L. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make the sale of marijuana legal, not simply for recreational purposes, but more importantly for medicinal purposes, as new information is being uncovered about the plant's healing uses every day.


Puafua To Wish You A Good Day (This just in)

Have a fantastic day. We love you all exceptionally and equally.

The Puafua boys

Date: Tue Mar 28, 2000 9:40 am

Subject: Uptown Puafua, You've Got Me Drinking an Uptown Kaluah

Hi, this is Jeff Siegfried: Puafua sax player and Uptown connoisseur. You know, I only go out with women who live in Uptown these days. Why, you may ask. Why only Uptown women? Why, Jeffrey, why? The reason, my friend, is quite simple, really: so at least one totally hot babe comes to…

THE UPTOWN BAR AND GRILLE, On the corner of Hennepin and Lake in Uptown!!! PUAFUA and UNIVERSAL INTELLEGENCE team up this Thursday, March 30th at 9pm to bring you a night of Thursday fun!!! Hope to see you there!


Totally True Stories of Puafua

By Eric Bequeaith


One time we were like in Duluth one time, and it was like totally cold out but, and we had no jackets and stuff, but we decided to walk to like a restaurant anyway so we could, you know, eat or like, chow down or however you want to think of it. Anyways, like we were walking from the Nor Shor theater after souncheck and like, there was this dude with his bus parallel parked downwards on a hill behind a car, and he had like this seat cushion between his front bumper and the car's back bumper because it was totally icy and he couldn't back his bus up the hill. So he was like, "Hey, you, like, dudes," but he didn't say dudes, he was more like, "Hey, you, like, gentlemen" or something, and we were like, "What's up, Mr. Busdriver," and he was all, "Hey, I can't get my bus out of this totally hilarious spot behind this car, dudes. Can you like help me push it backwards up the hill?" and we were like, "Totally, we think that's a completely worthy cause, especially since you're like almost pushing this other dude or woman's car down the hill with your stupid parking job." So we all pushed really hard and he like spun his wheels, but the bus didn't even like budge, and we were all slipping on the ice and everything. So we were like, "Hey, dude, sorry, see you later, good luck and stuff, peace" and then we went and ate. It was like totally crazy! Wish you could have been there.


Puafua To Re-Release 1997 Demo in Limited Quantity


If you're a long-time PF fan, you may have a cassette tape copy of the original 1997 demo tape, which includes the masterwork: Brew. This is the original 30-minute recording of the band's rarely played epic, and the recording quality is surprisingly very good, especially for a four-track recording of a very young Puafua. This, along with early versions of AOK, Black & Blue Lungs, and Get Me The Paper will be available on CD in limited quantity at our shows this summer. This is a very special gift for the true collector, and we encourage you to share the joy with someone you love.


Have a good week, and we hope to see you down at the Uptown this Thursday!!



Date: Wed Apr 12, 2000 8:40 am


Hey, hey, kids

Sat, April 15, Join us in Downtown Northfield @ Rueb N' Steins Bar for a FREE SHOW Terra Mara (St Olaf Alums) @ 9:30 pm Puafua (Carlton Alum Wanna-be's) @ 11:00pm Free home cookin' for you from PF on-stage!! (While supplies last) Great bar: should be a killer show!!!


Wed, April 19th (4/20's eve) Join us for

FREE WEED!! At 1st Ave.

NORML/MN (National Orginization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Minnesota) wants you to help us 'Free the Weed'... at

First Ave Main Stage: rally @ 7pm; Show @ 8pm-3am

5 Bands $5, or join NORMLMN for $4.20 and get in free Call 612.871.8780 for membership info or join at the door

There is also a compilation CD that goes along with this show, but ol' Jeffy Boy isn't sure of its status right now, or whether it will be ready in time for this show. If it is, it will supposedly be free with membership. We'll see what happens.


Sponsored by The Third Stone - Homegrown Glass - Dinkytown Hemporium


Hope to see you at one of these fine shows and enjoy the up-coming warm weather!


The Puafua boys

Date: Mon Apr 24, 2000 6:19 pm

Subject: Puafua in Duluth this Saturday!!!

Hello, you sweet, young Puafua fans:

It isn't often that the guy who holds the record for coming to the most PF shows has a birthday. In fact, it only comes around once a year, if that often. So we're going to celebrate. A lot. Up north. For this weekend is the one and only…

ROGER LEARNED's birthday.

Where: The Nor Shor Theater, on Superior Street, in Duluth

When: Saturday, April 29th @ 9pm

Who: Puafua and Duluth's own BALLY HOO!!!

Roger and the band are getting 8 rooms at a nearby hotel and a few kegs, so feel free to call Casey for details about the BEFORE and AFTER parties on Sat. You can also caravan up with us early Saturday afternoon from Casey's. Call 612.522.0723!!!


Totally True Stories of Puafua

By Eric Russell Bequeaith

Dude, one time we were all like at the old jam spot in Bloomie, and we were all recording and jamming and recording and stuff. But then we were like, hey, it's time to like go and stuff, so we all packed up and were like totally leaving and everything. But we all decided to have one more beer except for Casey who was like on his way to the BIG WINDY. That's right, Chicago. You guessed it. So he's like, D, let me get your van keys so I can all get my shirt or whatever and then he left. And we were like, ok, the beer's gone, so we're out of here, too. So D went to get in his van, and he's all, who's got my keys? And we're all, hey, didn't Casey like use them to open and/or lock up your van? And he was all, yeah, totally, he like totally used my keys and spaced and like left me stranded here in Bloomie, dudes. What am I to like do? Woah, I'm like totally freaked. That's a major bummer. And I'm all, hey, I'll drive you to your house, bro, don't hurl out of anger or nothing. That was like the first time D's keys went on a road trip to Chicago without him.


April 28th Show Cancelled

Puafua To Shed Many Tears

In an amazing turn of events, the April 28th coffee shop show has been drastically canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience. As a result, the band is said to be preparing to shed "many tears." We'll have more on that story as it unfolds.


Puafua 1997 Demo CD To Be Sold At Shows In Limited Quantity Next Week

Puafua's 1997 demo, which is the only recording to include the 30-minute epic "Brew" will be ready to be sold at shows in limited quantity within the next two weeks. This recording was only available on tape in 1997, and less than 50 were given out, mainly to bars and clubs. The re-issue has been remastered and will be on CD for your enjoyment forever after. The proceeds will be allocated to our NEW CD fund, which the band will begin recording in June, 2000 at Ambient Sound under the auspice of Rob Curtis, former Red Sea sound wizard. Stop by one of our shows and do your part to contribute to the new CD!!! We are very excited to begin recording our most recent masterpieces! Info about both CDs is posted at

________________________________________ Have a nice week and enjoy the spring weather!!


The Puafua boys

Date: Tue May 2, 2000 10:48 pm


Alright now, this is Casey Kashiemer the unfamous drummer of the fantastic and beloved PUAFUA you have come to know and love. I've been hand selected by the finest of,...well..ah..ummm,...Women to tell you that this weekend, if you're cool you'll be at FARMAPALOOZA!!! O.K. now i'm not, I'm not kidding so stop messing around! DAMMET!!! there's going to some great bands like DRED I DREAD, EDDIE MAC, ONE FLUID OUNCE, LED ZEPPLIN, THE BEATLES, PUAFUA, AND YES LADYS AND GENTLEMEN THE KING ELVIS PRESLEY HIM SELF WILL EVEN PLAY A SET.

Now if thats not enuff to make you CUM then maybe you should CUM for the wondeful camping and the world's greatest juggler, MIKE PRICE, because God knows we all spend to much time hanging out in our houses anyways, so. This whole event cost a measley $15.00 and if you can't afford that then you better get a real job and get the hell out of Mom's basement!! I guess I'll see you all there so you can tell me what kind of asshole I realy am, so here's the diredtions:

4th Annual FARMAPALOOZA! Saturday, May 6th, 2000 camping available for Friday, May 5th for an extra $5:00 Jamboree Campground, Black River Falls, WI 94 E to 1st BRF exit (exit to Marilian, Hwy 27); go 4 miles and it's on the right!!!


Date: Wed May 31, 2000 11:11 pm


No need to come to a Puafua show, kids: this Sunday, June 4th Puafua will be on KQRS 92.5 for "Homegrown" with Mae Young at 12:00 am (technically Monday morning, June 5th). Don't live in the Twin Cities? No problem! Go to and look under "listen to the boys" on your left-hand scroll bar and hear us through your PC. On Homegrown we will be advertising for our next show:

Thursday, June 8th at the Uptown Bar and Grill with the 420 All-Stars. Free show starts at 9:30pm. Make sure to purchase a special re-issue CD, hear the genious which is the Brew Song, and help us pay for production of our new CD as we go into the studio this June!!!

Have a kick-ass week, and we'll see you magically through your radio this Sunday!

The sexy Puafua boys

Date: Fri Dec 1, 2000 2:48 pm



Greetings, Puafua Fans

Much has been happening in Puafua Land lately. Our very last show for about TWO MONTHS will be this Saturday, December 2nd at the Uptown Bar and Grille on Lake and Hennepin in Uptown, Mpls. The Beads are at 9:30 pm. Puafua is at 11pm.

We take a performing break to allow the ever-hard working Casey to take a trip to Europe. In the meantime, production work will continue at Ambient Sound on our second CD, due out in early 2001.

Hope to see you in Uptown this Saturday!

Peace, love, and mercy --

The Puafua Hearthrobs

Date: Tue Apr 10, 2001 7:19 pm

Subject: PUAFUA Last Show In Three Months!@!?%$!

It's true: when will you see a PUAFUA show in town again? Three months from now!!!

Due to several unfathomable set backs, PUAFUA will not perform in town any time soon, EXCEPT FOR...

This FRIDAY, April 14th 2001 at the UPTOWN bar and grill, with a debut performance by Jay's Boat Car!! Show time 9:30. $5 cover.

Join us and try to encourage the guys to book another gig sooner than JULY!!!

See the flying monkeys come out of Aaron's ass!!!

See Jeffy open a tin can with his roto-penis!!!

Dylan will perform for the first time since his unexplained abduction...Find out if he sucks now...

Find out why Casey is selling all his worldly posessions and is now going by the name Mother Shabooboo.....

See Jake smile and shake his left pinky on stage!!!!

Watch the incredible Beer Bottle Swallower, Eric Bequeaith put five live BEER GRANADES in his mouth!!!!

See Stevie's broken mirror shirt and wish him 65,734,538,936,398 years bad luck!!!

Wacky fun for everyone!!!!


Date: Mon Jun 25, 2001 9:37 pm


Come celebrate life, music, and summer with Puafua THIS FRIDAY NIGHT 6/29/01 at THE UPTOWN Bar and Grill -- in Uptown just south of the corner of Hennepin and Lake.

9:30: Greenhouse.

11pm: PUAFUA.

$5.00 cover. Come early.

Hi, I'm Jeff Siegfried, and if you're reading this part of the email you're probably bored as hell and sitting at work hoping this note will entertain you. Sucker.

I remember walking into Jay Lesmeister's dining room at his house on Pleasant Ave. in Mpls. in early 1997. There the original members of Puafua: Dylan, Casey, Eric, and Jake were sitting around with five or six other friends, opening beers and tossing the caps into the chandelier, and joking about how no one ever knew when or where the rehearsals were. That winter (1996-97) the guys were working on an epic-ly proportioned tune called "Brew" as well as one called "Black and Blue Lungs" and a swing number called "AOK." At the time they sounded raw and unrehearsed. The basement was cramped and smokey, but the inspiration and the drive which still fuel Puafua were there. It was a new and amazing time.

The next year the band played a lot of free shows -- one or two per week. And as our mailing list grew, and as our buddies started bringing their buddies to the shows and parties over and over, we began to get encouraged.

So encouraged, in fact, that we decided to rent a jam space and record our very own CD. And we did. We spent long hours waiting and playing and waiting and smoking and waiting and drinking and waiting and arguing and waiting. Finally the recording was done and we had a raffle to raise the money that our gigs weren't providing to print the CDs. What an exciting time! We even finagled our way into having the release party in the main room of 1st Ave. Many people showed: it was November 1998.

And after a series of crazy theme shows and after bootleg after bootleg exchanged hands, we tallied up our tunes in the summer of 2000 and decided the time was right for CD #2. But this time the plan was not to simply record a CD, but to produce a recording: the greatest recording of our band's life to date. And we have and are still producing that recording, but it takes lots of time and money. And while the time and money were being spent, Puafua's members have been going through some major life changes: marriages, a baby, houses, good-byes, and coming to life realizations.

Some of our friends will leave the band soon; it's sad to write it. But other friends will be joining to help us begin the next chapter. Like Casey said, the tunes being produced by the group are World- Class, and so is the playing and so are the shows. Why stop a good thing mid-swing? We will continue.

But this show marks one of the last handful the original members will play together. There will be a new beginning, but before that happens, come help us celebrate the last five years this Friday, and come encourage the next five. Once you hear the CD (due out in August) you'll know why we are so encouraged by what is to come. Hope to see you this weekend!

With all our love,


Date: Fri Jul 6, 2001 10:44 am

Subject: Party At Ted Dockendorf's Farm with PUAFUA and 420 All Stars

Come Party at the FARM!!!


Saturday, July 14th Things get rolling around 4pm. Come early to get set up and for choice pics on food! Music starts around 7.


Ted Dockendorf's Farm



420 All Stars



Food, pig roast, 10 kegs, bon fire Camping is encouraged on the 10 acres -- plenty of room to park and stay the night!

How much:

$10 gets you EVERYTHING!

Hope to see you out at THE FARM. Come party with us....



Date: Sun Aug 26, 2001 8:26 pm

Subject: Come see Puafua in Uptown

This FRIDAY, August 31 PUAFUA plays at The UPTOWN Bar & Grill With special guests TBA Show Starts 9pm, Puafua on @ 11

This past Wednesday night we sat on D's back deck and listened to a recording of what is close to the final mix of our CD. As we all sat and listened, we wondered if there would be a gig between this Friday and our CD release/final show. Truly, we don't know. And with parts of the band going their separate ways, the core group will need to take some time after that release party to assess what to do and where to go. Hopefully we will have a few fans left as we begin our new project. But in the meantime, we will play fervently to all who will come this Friday the sounds that can only be described as: Puafua.

Date: Tue Oct 16, 2001 10:47 am

Subject: Puafua Barn Party

Hello, Puafua fans:

This Saturday the 20th Puafua will be on stage at Jeremy Pettit’s farm. As you know, appearances by our group are rare these days, and this will likely be the last one until our CD release party which will be in a few months. We will use the proceeds to fund what is left of our CD production process (printing the CDs and covers). We hope to see you there! Tell your friends because we want to speed the production of our new CD!!!

More information including directions will come later this week.



Date: Thu Nov 8, 2001 1:07 pm

Subject: Puafua CD Release @ The Cabooze Nov 16

We are excited to announce the release of PUAFUA's new CD "Boosh" and our very special party to celebrate!

When? Friday, November 16th, 2001 -- show starts at 8:30

Where? The Cabooze in Minneapolis; 917 Cedar Ave., off of Cedar and Franklin next to Whiskey Junction and The Joint

Who? The Hoolies (formerly Surahoolies), 420 All Stars, PUAFUA

Why? It's time to have a huge-ass party

How? With the assistance of music, booze, and friends and family

Hey, we hope to see you all there. Thanks for being patient and hanging with us on the production of the CD. We think you will find it worth the wait! See you a week from Friday....


The Puafua boys

Date: Fri Nov 30, 2001 10:27 am

Subject: Puafua's last show this Saturday

Hey, it's our last show this Saturday, December 1st at 9:30 pm. Uptown Bar on Hennepin and Lake in Uptown Minneapolis. Hope we'll see you one last time tomorrow night!

The Puafua boys

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