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Puafua Nominated for Award

Puafua Nominated for MMA Award

Sept. 11, 2002

A list of bands and artists nominated for the Minnesota Music Academy Awards appeared in the September 4th, 2002 edition of the City Pages. Among the five bands nominated for the award in the Eclectic music category was Puafua, a band which, according to Jeff Siegfried, no longer exists.

"No, it's cool. It was very cool of them to think of us," said sax player Jeff Siegfried late Wednesday night. "Puafua hasn't been around for like nine months, but I'm glad someone remembered our stuff. Usually in the music scene out-of-sight equals out-of-mind."

A drunken Aaron Stoehr, trombonist for Spry, also chimed in with his comments: "What the hell is eclectic? Isn't that the kind of music you can only hear through osmosis? Eclectic! That's a load of sh-t. We're straight-up hip-hop. How the hell are people going to get used to us as the new N'Sync if we end up in the f*cking eclectic section? That's it. I'm joining a christian rock band. At least they get proper recognition from Jesus." Aaron then reportedly fell out of his own shoes and landed face down in a comatose state.

Pete Miller, bass player for Spry, covered for Aaron: "I think what Aaron means is where's the check, you bastards. I gave my life for that band, and all we get is our name on some list in a newspaper that no one even pays for? What kind of sick misogynists are you people?" Pete reportedly only played four shows with Puafua, and, as far as we could ascertain from this interview, is not a woman.

Whatever the varied feelings of the band are, they all agreed it was fulfilling to be thought of by MMA. Puafua is definitely not gone.

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