Comparing Prices

(eg. "How Movies Helped Save My Soul")

Christian Focus

  • Christian Book
  • House of James, variety of topics (Canada)

  • *$10 s/h
  • Revelant Store

  • *9.99-free s/h if +$15 order, but $1.99 s/h

    Regular Bookstores

  • Alibris
  • Amazon

  • *$11.19-free s/h if +$25 order, but $3/shipping and $1/item
  • Antiquarian books, from
  • Autumn Winds, used and out of print booksellers
  • Barnes & Noble

  • *12.59-free s/h if +25 order, but $3/shipping and $1/item
  • Biblio, booksearch and marketplace
  • The Price Search, comparing prices with their competitors

  • *9.65-$3.25 s/h
  • Total Campus

  • Contact:
  • Walmart

  • *$10.07-$2.48 s/h-based on weight of item

    *Tip: Buy books from the original source (e.g. "How Movies Helped Saved My Soul"'s original publisher is Revelant Books, which is cheaper than the above regular online book stores!




  • Barbour Books, read about modern well-known Christians
  • Betany House Publishers
  • Christian Book Distributors, order books within 7 days!
  • Creation House, Christian books
  • Family Christian Store, retail resource chain
  • Northwestern Book Store
  • Philips Family
  • Rainbow Studies International
  • Reconciliation, right or reconciled
  • Touch Publication
  • Treasure House Books
  • Nissi Publishing, an article on the Ark of the Covenant

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