Hello!! This is my attempt at showing you all what kind of person Flam really is. This web page was pretty much made with a lot of help from Wilma and I don't know if I could have done as good a job as she has done for me here. Thank you Wilma!! I am including some different types of prose, prayer and poetry on my page as well as the jokes. None of which is meant to offend anyone or anything. Feel free to sign my guestbook before you leave my page and all comments are welcome. Take care and love life cuz you only get one shot at it!!I hope that you enjoy and as always I hope to see you online. Kisses for you all and thanks for coming to see my page!!!


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where i will most likely be found chatting ...night or day!

a very cute site with dancing flamingos among other things

this is my fantasy's website, he is shameless for sure!

A very special page, with a lot of

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