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Felicity Party Girl!!!!(A Chinese Shar Peis Home page)

Welcome Party Animals
I'm Felicity.
And I love to Party!!!!!
I'm a "Minnesota Chinese Shar Pei"
I was born 1/23/94...You figure it out!
Send me a card when the day comes!

I am the life of the party!!!!!
Yours or mine , it doesn't matter!
It's the Party (and treats) that count!!
Margaritas by the pool!!
Whatever the Occassion!!!!!
I party until...I can't see straight!!!

Party Girl knows the Hot Spots check out these links!!!!!

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check out a holiday page...want me to make you one?
Send party girl an E mail!!
$$$$First USA on line!$$$
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Check out party Girls E mail service. You@!!
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Cara's Birthday Page!

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