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I got my first ferret in 1991. This was Tia, a sable female. She was joined shortly after that by Bo, a siamese sable. Sadly, both Bo and Tia have passed away now, but George and Sassy are still alive and well. My ferrets were great pets and got along well with lots of other animals, which included a raccoon, a skunk, cats, dogs, rabbits, and other ferrets.

Bo, Siamese Sable male

Tia, Sable female

Tia and Bo at Christmas time

George, Sable male

Sassy, Silver Mitt female

Tia, about 2 years old

Tia, about 2 years old

Tia, only 7 weeks old

Some of my ferrets have been featured in Modern Ferret Magazine. Both Tia and Bo have been in these issues below, featured in the "pink noses" sections. Three different issues so far, check out the photos that were included!
Issue # 3
Issue # 6
Issue # 21

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