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EDUC 6130: Instrumental Music Assessment Tool

Donna Larson


I will begin at the end by justifying this assessment tool as a whole. The tool has been developed for use in my Jr. High Band of fifty 7th & 8th graders. We are presently studying major scale and key signature construction. This will span over the entire first semester and will conclude with the written portion of this tool. We have started the performance assessment (Part V) and it will also span over the next 2 months because of the time required to complete with this many students. Creating the assessment by planning instruction to achieve the objectives represented by the the test, I believe, will help me better understand the types of activities and strategies I need to use to guide students to a successful end through evaluation. The tool not only serves as a comprehensive study and assessment of understanding some of the basics of musical theory, but more importantly, revolves around the application of skill. This application occurs in the diversity afforded by the various tools of the written assessment and also through performance on his/her musical instrument. The real beauty of music is at that point when musical skill, application, and understanding all "gel" into a cohesive relationship which I refer to as the language of music. These students are yet "babies" in learning the language, but I hope to establish a solid foundation with this study and assessment.

The only change I intend to make to the tool at this time is the addition of more items in the notation essay section. I didn't here because of the needed space for the musical staff. As exciting as this tool has been to create, frustration has been a part of the process as well. I'm sure there's an easier way to post this in cyberspace, but I haven't learned it yet, so please forgive my technological inadequacies! I hope this works!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V