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Deep Space Death 7.1r

(The Refugees: Still under construction)

Gamilon Cruiser fires on a Giant space Hampster

Gamilon Cruiser around the remains of a former enemies home world

The Gamilon Galactic Imperium

1. Physical Characteristics: Gamilons are very similar to what many refer to as humans ( a vile and backwards race with NO relation). They differ in that they are slightly taller, thinner, and have bluish to greenish skin tones. Gamilons live about 450 cycles. They augment many of their abilities with BioMechanical/Biotechnical Implants. These implant allow them to communicate telepathically (to a lesser degree), increase mental abilities, and physical abilities. These telepathic links allow the State to monitor an individuals thoughts thus making sure that the individual is serving the State in the most efficient manor. Some individuals serving in the 'shock troops' are injected with drugs and steroids in order to enhance their abilities.

2. Politics: All serve the State which is ruled by the Emperor: Deslock The Great. He is the first among 'equals' (the top 10% or also known as the true race and ruling class). In reality the system is much like a large pyramid with individuals maneuvering for greater position. This seems to be contrary given their telepathic abilities but it is not. Individuals are monitored by the state and are expected to compete with others for position. Individuals may not, on penalty of mind wipe, use their abilities to 'spy' in other competitors thoughts. Moving up in position or rather grade is the chief and consuming goal of all Gamilons. There are 16 grades all based on Color. Furthermore, the system becomes more complex when the job comes into effect. Each job has a factor rating with military being generally at the top.

3. Religion: They serve the LAW and the STATE! The Imperium is constantly issuing new Laws and Directives. With out a Telepathic uplink keeping track of these new Laws/directives Order would be impossible and thus society would become gradually more lawless and thus less efficient. Laws are always followed. Rumors, of descent are grossly false...

Future Gamilon battleship design

4. Economic and Environmental concerns: The Environment must be constructed/tereformed quickly in order to maximize a planets potential. Anything viewed as being inefficient is eliminated. Small cute fuzzy animals are viewed at as a threat to the mental focus of society and thus are destroyed. All of society is focused on producing, mining, exploring, building, and expanding. The Gamilon people need growing room in order to survive.

5. Social: Marriages are arranged by the State. The State insures that Males and Females are genetically matched for the best possible offspring. However, this is only for the upper strata of society and make up around 10%. Most Gamilons are Clones. Clones allow for quick, cheap, and easy population growth and make up about 75% of society. Some pure synthetics are used for more dangerous jobs. Synthetics make up about 15%. Individuals may not jump from strata to strata. A clone is always a clone for example.

6. Views of others: All inferior races must be protected from themselves or destroyed. Most if not all races are inferior to the Gamilons. Those who prove themselves useful will be taken, protected, cared for, shown the true way, taught the miracle of Gamilon society, and helped in a variety of other ways. All others are cosmic waste and are to be



Authorization Level- Zeta Gamma V (Hacked by G.E.F.)

Addendum: Report to the Guild

Subject Species: Sebohahr


Physical description and detailed information has been Classified -Bio Weapons Division.

All Seboharh have the capacity to reproduce by consuming the lotus flower during high pod cycle. The lotus, a prized delicacy for the 'high' Seboharh achieve through its consumption, has become a strictly controlled substance (see history). If the Seboharh consume the lotus during pod cycle a copy of their genetic code is imprinted upon the pod (The lotus randomly mutates some strains of the parent DNA to continue evolution). Contained in this code is a base imprint containing many of the memories of the parent. After 3 months the pod emerges and takes root in the ground where it obtains nourishments from the soil while in grows to fruition. When the pod opens a near clone of the parent emerges obtaining a majority of the memories of the parent (which creates significant research & educational advantages).

Social Structure

Since the Seboharh do not reproduce sexually they do not have a social structure based around family. Surprisingly, given their bio-genetic transfer of 40-60% of parent memories to the offspring, they do not form bonds based upon lineage. Seboharh consider each other being as equal to each other. This fundamental equality is based on the fact that everyone can be killed. Social structure is based entirely on ones reputation for mutual advantage. Seboharh have a social structure based upon the ability to gain advantage, whether that be in power, security, enjoyment, or property (especially lotus). The Seboharh who are able to secure, provide and trade these things are valued highest. As a result the most valued "art" forms of Seboharh are strategy, negotiation, and diplomacy.


Seboharh have a particularily violent history. In the early days their culture prided liberty as a prime cultural value. Given this and their lack for needing each other and their desire for power and property (most notably the Lotus flower) they lived in a state of total war of all against all. As their ancient scholars said "No agreement has meaning without a sharp object in hand." Their lives were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Killing, enslaving, and experimenting upon each other was common place. Many Seboharh still have memories of this time though these fade with each generation. About 3000 years ago their history changed entirely. Once Seboharh realized that they would be better off if all of their agreements were upheld they began to hire enforcers whose job was to kill anyone who did not uphold their word. As the use of enforces grew, enforcers began to work together and form enforcement groups. This process lead to the Seboharh forming a 'government' for the first time. This 'government' was based upon two founding principles: Mutual advantage & Fear of death. It has ruled virtually unchanged for 2700 years.

Political Structure

The head of the government is called the Leviathan. His task is to provide for the mutual benefit of all Seboharh and to kill any who break their word. To the Leviathan all allegiance is given out of fear and out of desire for the benefits the leviathan provides. Leviathan's are known for providing great benefits to their subjects as well as instilling fear so great as to keep them honest. One of his primary functions is to distribute and grow the prized Lotus flower. There is nothing Seboharh like more than to consume the lotus flower. The control of the lotus flower does two things. First, it controls who will reproduce and how many offspring are produced. Second, it ensures loyalty to the leviathan in the hopes of gaining extra lotus petals. When a leviathan dies an election is held in which a new leviathan is given absolute power for life... as long as it lasts (some leaders die under mysterious circumstances especially after a poor lotus harvest). The current Leviathan is Kabuto, he has ruled for 20 years and has tripled Lotus production.


Study not yet complete...


Though their social structure is quite alien and their history quite aggressive we have concluded and recommend that the guild commence doing business with the Seboharh. In dealing with them be aware of their high diplomacy and strategic ability. They can be counted upon to keep their word once made (though read the fine print on any contract). Beyond this, remember that only two factors motivate Seboharh -Fear of death and desire for more status.

End Report...

Player Information

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Rules... still under construction

Turns are to be turned in at 10:30pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Five years will be processed each of those three nights unless otherwise informed via email


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