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This page will be the page of my Poll's, my pic of the day, and my links. To go to the original "main" page, click Here
Pic of The Day
Send in DooM pics to me damnit!

A pic from Doom3Arena.

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XLW300 The person who helped me MOST with my page! Thnx Steve!
RTC_Marines Home Page!
Doomworld- Your definent source to DooM!
NewDoom- Everything you need to know about DooM3!
Nautrup- Maonth's page, and the home of TRTCC!
Page of DooM- It's a pretty good site!
Doom world- Your definent source to DooM!?
DooM Head Quarters- Uhm, its a, DooM page!
DooM3.com- Isn't up yet, but has been registered to the "Planet" network!
MANY MANY more links!!