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Fresh and New: It Finally Aint Busted!

This Site has been brought out of retirement yet again to serve a cause....Still trying to figure out what it is. New content is on the way. Gone are many of the features you have come to expect. Or atleast they are gone in the way that you remeber them. This is just the beginning. A revolution and a new step in site development are in hand. As we step into the 3rd generation I find it even more interesting to look into the past. The first generation was a rough site written by a kid who knew little of HTML and other nesessary recourses. Second generation was a polished powerfull and feature filled site written by hand on a text editor. That was HTML the down and dirty way. That was real it was core. but it was hard as hell to maintain.There were many features but not enough interest to warrent the vast amount of time spent on upkeep. Here we sit at the verge of a new horizon. Third Generation is here. Is this the last?Who know! But it is real. It is here it is now. The future is never a given. The most love features will be back and the other will die. You decide who gets voted off the site. I made the mistake of not asking for feedback on 2nd gen. Never again!

I finally got some time off of my other projects to come back and breathe alittle life back into this site. This redesign has become a bit of a yearly ordeal but I enjoy it imensly. Anyways I have tried some new stuff with the site. Alot has been changed.