Here are some of my pics...some of them Shane gave to me!! Thanks Shane! Oh ya sorry some of them at the bottom are so big!!

ok! here is a pic of my friend gav!! he is so sweet!! he is real nice!

Here is Shane Knutson.He is really nice! he is really cool!!FACS RULE THE FACS OF LIFE HAHA LOL!

Here is Becca Potter. She is the funniest *gurly* i know!!!~:Oshe is a sweetie!~

Here is my older sista, Alexis. She is the *coolest* older sis i have!!(the only one) she is really nice most of the time~! ShE is really cool mosta tha time!

Here is Cory Hegna. You are a awesome guy cory!!

Here is Abbey Olsen! She is purdy *darn* coo!

Here is Laura Dahl. She is a *sweetie* Choir is fu!! and we have the same pants cool stuff! :O

heres alexa i haven't talked to her since a while ago!hehe since a few years back on the tele! ahah! but oh well!

Oh fer cute! This is KaTiE and MeGerS at camp a few years Back! this year was the best cuz me emma jess and megs were all in the same cabin~~

This is megs!~ haha she is soooo cute hahaa!~ this is after quick dip~~ i just saw her a wal mart like a week ago when it was hailing!~

This is Sam and Katie aren't thier p.j.'s adoreable haha~! of course they are!~ LOL right sam and kates!~

This is SaM PaSsEr aNd MeGs @ GlBc this was the best year ever!~ haha so far

This is my little sister brooklyn! Isn't she adoreable!! she looks just like alexis!!

this is a picture of my cabin at glbc our cabin was the best cabin!~ hehe! LOL

This is Emma Volstad @ Glbc! She is awesome! this is like her custest pics i have got!~~ haha!!~emma ARE PRIME TIME RULES YA!

This is from left to right!! Dani Emma Jessica katie katie katie megan sam kaylee kerri asha and leone! We had the best cabin i'll tell ya!!