AsHeRs FrEnZ


My cool Friends

Tommy J.-Hey! you are sucha jerk sumtimes! but yet you can be a sweetie! how do guys do it! lol! you even hert me bad! but i am still good friends with you!! that was funny on the BuS! i was so hyper! did mikes pants deflate?! Why did you go swimmin in a gravel pit! THERE was water in it! OHHHHHH yeah! Sami jo Londgren- you are the greatest hun! but i never ever see you in school n' you are one of my greatest friends ever! you are a great friend hun we've been throught thick n' thin n' good times and in bad!! i wouldn't be able to live w/o you advice n' yuor party ruled hun!good luck with CHESTER!

Andy- hey you are like the coolest redwood guy in the world! you are like aweosme to talk to!~!good luck with talia!~

Kristina- you are like a great friend!~ one of the best i have ever had!STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE!!

Sarah Holien- YOU are the sweetest! I am happy we are frenz! i wouldn't be able to live w/o you we have been througght thick n' thin hun! good luck with CaRl ShArkEy you 2 make a really cute couple you have been going out fer like 5 months! :)

Traci- you are awesome! even though i only talk to you on icq! you are frenz w/ my sis!! hahaha! i dunno bout that! but your cool!!

Ciji-you are cool!!~! you have always been there fer me n' helped me with the guy "problems" jeeze those were hard times your always there fer everyone that's ALWAYS good! haha!~! ~stay cool!~! hehe!!

Gavin Wagoner-hey gavin!! you are really cool!! and a great friend!

Abbey k.-hey!! how've ya been?! Good her haha!~ well have a gr8 school year hun and g'luck w/ the guys!~ oh yeah NEVER EVER change bball chicks rule!

Bryce Hansen-you are very awesome!! is it ok if i add some of the pics you sent me to my pics page!! it would realy make it better!! you are very cool!! you talk to me a lot!! stay cool!!good luck with AmY StEvEns~

Emma- oh hun! there is so much we have been through thick n' thin and all of it!! we are in the same advisory which is always cool! man i just don't know what i would do w/o yuo jess n' molly! i would prolly just be very depressed you have always been there fer me!!~ I don't know what i would ever do w/o you! and you deserve better than HIM! n' you know it!jeeze he's a jerk to me now WHAT did i DO to him RRGHHH!

Becca P.-hey hun! well this year has been fun so far n' i hope it will last!..being a sevee isn't all that bad n' plus next year we will have privs to use n; stuff! next year is gonna stink w/o all those eightiopians!~

Shane-hey!'ve you been!!~ good here! i am happy we have 7th n' 8th hours together it is really fun n' i can so take a joke n you KNOW it! haha!good luck with molly if your EVER hurt her i'm gonna hurt you! YOU KNOW IT! :P just be good to her er else!

Brandon-hey brandon you are real awesome man!! and you dyed your hair blonde! y'd you haul off and do that! it looks so dumb!!(c-t) maybe you learned somethin from dat!! OMG!

laura-hey hun!! you are a awesome friend! you are awesome CHOIR CHICKS RULE HAHEHAHE!

courtney-your a awesome friend!!lata!!~ I hope to see ya round! YOU are the coolest!! Stay cool!2nd 5th n' 6th hour wouldn't be the same w/o you hun!~ don't change!n' you needa go out with T.D!

abbey-hey hun! i wish we had sum of our classes together but oh well i talk to you in the halls! it would not be as fun n' chor w/o you hun!~ well cetcha later!!

megan-!!! you are soooo cool!! don't change! haah! remember at your house callin hende! That was cool! you are awesome! i wish we had more classes together!~ lata!

anna-hey hun! i haven't tlaked to you in fer like EVA! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! but oh well! lata!

jenny-hey there!! you are one of the nicest ppl ever 2nd 5th n' 6th hour are awesome hehe!! well i will letcha go now! but plaese don't change ever!~ and i can't be lieve xvaiver n' spencer like yuo! hahaha!

mel-you are such a cool person! You are one of the sweetest people i have ever met! You listen!! I hope we stay friends forever! i hope you find that GUY you know what i mean hahaha! n' 5n' 7th n' 8th wouldn't be even close to fun w/o you in them! GYM lol! I will have to call you sometime! Man you are such a sweetie!! haha! I will love bein in your school next year! It will be the best! we have 5th 7th n' 8th hours together huN! you are so much fun hun!

tony-hey tony...hows it goin! you are an awesome friend!! neva give up! lata!! don't change

taylor-your kinda nice but haven't talked to ya ferever!cept on msn! but i will talk to you when i see you on that one day! n' i am gonna come watch you race your cars this summer that's gonna be awesome YOU know it! :)

Molly Kvam- Hey hun!! I am sooo happy we are are friends! we've gone thru a lot this year huh?! STIFFLER UH HUH! MO KVAMER! hehe! these times have been so funnnn! AAWWWW AEWWW! now lets not be to loud we have to get up early! loL! heheh! this is always so funNn!! in band! the good thing about percussin is you neva get caught with gum! ashleigh go spit out your gum!!! what gum! Ashleigh go do wall chair how long!1 minute longer than the last time! oh shoot 3 mins! lol! n' don't ferget ashleigh i have a chair! where! rite here! RITE THERE?! oh how sweet you bought me a chair!!!!

Carly- hey hunna! u are the ultimate coolest person ever! you are the best friend i have ever had! and LOTSA GUYS! are! hot!! haah! you are ver nice! and you alwayz know how to make a person smile! I am happy to be frenz wit you! and this year is cool!! you are the best! man! I will see ya round! love ya! DON'T YOU DARE CHANGE!!

Britta - you are one of the nicest people i have met! We haven't been the best of frenz ever! But you sure can show me how much you care! You are a very good listener! I don't want you to change! That would stink! you are nice! lata! talk to me on icq and msn!!

Kristen Hegna- Hey hun! YOU are a great person!! And we will be friends for a long time i think! ANd I will alwayz be here for you no matta what! YOU are one of my best friends!I am so happy fer yuo that you made C squad that is cool! ahhhhhh! and we willllll always be friends no matter what! please don't change n' good luck with LLLLLUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKEEEEEEIIIIIEEEEE!lol 2nd 5th n' 6th hours rule well of course they do i'm in those hours lol! well keep it up with you n' luke YOU GOT YOUR BRACES OFF! :)good luck with life see ya in the halls n' in class

Kayla Aus- Hey hun! YOu are the best! I hope we are frenz forever! we have 2nd 5th n' 6th hour togetha which is always cool! man i am gonna miss you neckst year!!!jeez next year will suck not havin ne one to boss us around n' ne one to budge in front of us in line!:S

Rosa Erickson- Rosa you are the best! haha! Well I love you! And i hope we stay like good frenz all through jr. high and high ! And go to the same college that would be awesome! lata hun!! And oh yeah! SON"T CHANGE!! i would be so sad if all of a sudden everyone changed!

Jacob h.- you are a very cool person! i hope you don't pull that off u know the thing you were talkin about on the phone!YOu are a ultimate cool! And I hope that me and you stay frenz! Well don't change! Stay cool!HAHA! don't ferget the cereal n' your porn HAHAH!!

Brandon Danhoff- you are cool! But you still are awesome! And I hope that we can still talk after you go to college!!that was halarious that nite when we were all hyper n' talking i wouldn't shut up haha! but i'm glad i'm still a cutie that's always good ! good luck at granite teck! :)

Rob S.-I don't know what to say becuz everything i say you think is corny and cheesy! So I will just say your cool! And a great friend!!

Bailey-you were like awesome at camp!! you were one of my best friends there you are great and i really miss you!!

Zac-you are awesome! i hope you n' whoeva your goin out with stay together ferever lol! i dono who you wit but yeah good luck!

Mitch-you are awesome i really miss you and i think you and bailey would make a good couple haha ! oh well!~ have a good time with all tha ladies treat em rite aighT! thanks boy i haven't seen ya in ages but i hope to see ya this summer 8th week in the lake RITE!?

Kelly-we have the same b-day we are both left handed we both shoot right handed man we rock!!BASKETBALL IS AN AWESOME SPORT :)

Adam-u were awesome! haha! stop sucking on your necklace!! :) but you liked me wassup with that n' don't do that to me under water hey that was mean!

Jessi Knutson- you were a great friend to me we shouild really keep in touch!! n' don't ferget 8th week this summer n' be ther 2:00 sharp so we'll be in the same cabin!

Laura- you are a really nice and sweet person!!

Jodi-you were a funy person to be around!!

Dikke- you were awesome at camp you totally rule!!

Lizzy- you were the best friend to me at camp!

Missy-camp ruled huh?? i miss yuo so much you NEVER email me tho! email me back! RGH child! RGH!

Britney Lemke- yuo were awesome at camp all the guys liked you! good luck with k.k. KYLE KUSLER! :) he was a sweetie to me at camp that was really awesome!! n' i no how much yuo n' him liked eacvh other!

Ashley Negen- u rule!! yuo are awesome!! u totally are cool!!AWESOME oh wow like totally freak me out rite on HOTT GUYS sure are number one! i said brr it's hott out here i said brr it hott out here there must be sum hott guys in the atmosphere! AHHH the good times the good times! DOn"T FALL!

Kortney-you were a great friend to me.

Mallory- hey hunna! you are realy awesome i know we only say hi n' the halls n' stuff but i think we still are really good friends have fun with RYAN! HAHAHAHAHA!

NIcole S- you are a great friend NEVA CHANGE!good luck with garett darvel! haha! why yuo like him girl?!

Jade- oh my! you n "bob" as we call him should go out you 2 would be so cute together i will try really hard to set you 2 up!!!!~

Lacey A- you are great huN!~ n' i think you should go out with "HIM"!~but i dunno i'll let you choose your guys what was with you n' J.s. Ne ways YUCK!

Ryan-aww you are sucha a awesome guy hey! hahah! DO YOU HAVE ne gum! n' when i'm in enrichments don't come in n' make funny faces at me jezze! treat mal right!!jeez ryan do you have ne gum i'm serious!

Brandon k- hey kid! when we were goin out we had sum fun times!! but we ain't ne more but i like bein good friends with ya i always see ya after 2nd hour which is cool don't knock me ova with the door tho! haha! i miss sum of those times but we still are really good friends! :) n' yeah!~ :P i still like ya AS A FRIEND ya know! n' you can talk to me in the halls smiles are good too but talkings always fun!

Luke- hey gym is really fun with you n' it!! it wouldn't be the same w/o you!~ :) haha! yep!! lol! and don't forget to be nice to kayla sumtime!! our bball team KICKS!! oh yeah!! kick ball is kinda fun! and you know it is hard to catch with the sun n' your eyes! haha! well i will try harder since i know you expect a lot more of me hehe! but don't give me crap about it jezze! hahaha! but wait till spring i'll show you up!!

Jarett- well you sit by me at lunch sumtimes! sami n' amber's party was fun huh?! hehe !lol! that waz pretty funny when YAAAA! LOL! haha! but ne ways sami n' amber should have anopther party huh! that would be FUN!

Sean T.- you are awesome now don't hert yo funny bone ne more hehe! lol! but when you hert it neckt time don't bite your finger that just makes your finger hert! ""FINGER""

Gaff- now you should like **HER** so much you don't have a chance lol! j/k!

Steve- well we have 1st n' 6th hour together n' you kinda talk a lot! GOOD luck gettin Kayla!~

Matt- you are really awesome n' like a great guy friend!~ 2nd n' 6th hour rule! OH YEAH! haha! and don't feel my leg ne more! but NO i won't go to the front row of the comuter lab with you again jeeze what you thinkin! loL!n' mrs.neisuis mite walk in agaiN! :)

tom- you touch my face all the time what gives

jake s-aww we've had good times haha! but please don't knock me down in the hall again jeeze jake watch where yuor goin! but your toooooooooooo quiet manomanoman!