Last Updated: May 2,2006
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CamoRudeBoy00's Page

Welcome to my page everyone... I'm a 24y/o Male from Otsego (Elk River/Rogers Area),Mn.... My stats are: 5ft. 8in. blonde hair, blue eyes, about 135lbs, I have my left ear peirced three times and I have my left eyebrow peirced also... I got 9 tats, 6 on my left are and 3 on my right arm... I'm a Blader, BMXer, Martial Artist... I have Yahoo, AIM, & MSN Messanger... I am a member of the K.M.F.W.A. (Krayzie MuthaFucka'z Wit' Attitudez).... If you wanna join it go to K.M.F.W.A.'s page and read all about it and do what it says and they will mail you back with there answer... See ya'll around in chat... Adios and take care... Oh yeah I met on sunday Aug. 23,1999 and got there signature's... I went to the and concert on Saturday March 25,2000...

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