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Sigrid Younger & Steve Lewin
6955 190th Street 
Lester Prairie MN 55354

"Arnarbaeli Icelandic Horse Farm"
Quality Not Quantity

 Imported Icelandic Brood Mares - Bruda  ( Bru tha' ) and Vanities
Icelandic Horses In Minnesota

Our Stallion Ægir Fra Klakahross
Horses for sale . Stallions Standing in 2004  .Important Links & Dates
Next Clinic & Events In Our Area  2004

Mares Bred for "2004 Foals"  - Brúða / Vanities / Una
We are taking reservations for 2005 foal. We are hoping for a stallion
Prospect from Vanities.   We Have a quality Stallion Prospect out of Brúða

More Mares at Anarbaeli - Soley / Ora /Halla /

Youngsters - Fluga / Asa /    

The Gaited Icelandic Horse is renowned for their comfortable ground covering natural gaits.


At the present time, there are about 1500 Icelandic Horses Registered with USIHC - "United States Icelandic Horse Congress" The Icelandic horse is bred for use, not for show. Highest priority is given to its ride ability.   It must be courageous and resourceful, cooperative and willing, with good forward action.

The Icelandic horse is a slow developing breed with a long life span (25-30 years is not unusual), quote taken from the USIHC web site:

The Icelandic Horse is renowned for its comfortable ride along with an abundant Mane and Tail.   Average size is 13 -14 hands although many may be a bit under or over average height.   They are capable of carrying adults long distances and are suitable for many discipline.

At Arnarbaeli Icelandic Horse Farm, Our goal is to breed the best we can - Our mares have been selected and imported from Iceland based on Ability and Blood Lines.   We are very Proud of our stallion "Aegir Fra Klakahross" Imported in utero purchased from Klakahross Training Facility- Pictured below is his first off spring born in 2000.   We are still not sure of her color.   Fluga could be Palomino or a Silver Dapple. Aegir will produce many colors.   It always keeps one guessing.   Our young up coming Stallion "Nattfarie Fra Arnarbaeli" will add a strong dimension to our breeding program. Please feel free to contact us...............We love talking Icelandic's

Fluga Fra Arnarbaeli
Fluga is one of our 2000 foals.

Dam: Soley
Sire: Ægir Fra Klakahross Our 5 gaited Yellow Dun Stallion.

Fluga spring of 2001
As a weanling Icelandic's are very powerful and sure footed.

Fluga is very confident and full of her self. Icelandic Horses mature very slowly.   We do not start training until the horse is 4 years of age some times waiting until 5. During the 4th year, most of the horses are started under saddle. The following year, advanced training begins. Icelandic horses are in the beginning of their prime, at the age of 10 -12. FLUGA is starting to drive now. She is going to be outstanding and able to trot with lift. We hope to compete with her next year.
Presenting "Asa Fra Arnarbaeli" For Sale

Asa Fra Arnarbaeli

Price:  3,500.  Current price subject to change as she matures. We may consider trade.  We are looking for a used bunperpull aluminum (or) a camper to go on our Pick up (in clean condition) - We have credit card and e-check financing through  Paypal.    Buyer pays extra fee to Paypal or Bilpoint.

"Asa" the little snow bird - Picture taken 5/29/01.   We will have more spring pictures of her shortly. She is a wonderful filly.  Asa still has winter coat.  You can see the beautiful palomino color starting to emerge.   Most Icelandic Horse prefer living out side with a small shelter.   They grow a tremendous amount of hair during the winter months. Living in side would be a strain mentally and physically for them. They have strong herd instinct.  We are offering her for sale this year.
Asa is a Strong 5 gaited Filly.    Palomino with white abundant mane and tail.   Her gaits at liberty are clear and even.    She will be out standing.....

Asa will lead - stand for grooming -  vacuum - attend to feet - and tie for a short time.   This is all that should be done  until it is time to start under saddle.

Pictured below is the sire and dam

Steph from Klakahross riding their stallion Glaesir Frá Huséy
Sire and Dam
We do not start our horses  until they are 4 years of age or older.  If any actual training or ground work is done, it starts their 3 winter and not many are really ready until  4.  They are ponied at the very earliest 3.

Icelandic horses should be left to learn and enjoy being youngsters and develop mentally and physically.      That is part of what makes up  an Icelandic Horse.  Personally---- I work with my youngsters a bit  more than most do.  I am starting to lift legs and will halter her a couple of times next month she has been trimmed and vetted once.

I  work with my youngsters to come by name when called, stand for grooming (of lead)  and be well mannered and friendly in the field.  There is no need to tie a yearling.  Most youngsters are not trailered until they go to their new home or they are transported from one site to another for grazing purposes or demonstration etc.......If a youngster  leaves for a new home from our place they must leave here free (untied)  in the trailer.

Steph at Klakahross is offering a discount on starting Asa when she reaches the age of 4 or older,  as long as the horse has not been worked with.    They are very interested in training the stallion's offspring.

We may be able to transport for additional cost.    We also have a great transporter that goes to NY - Texas - OK at least once a month -  very reasonable.  We will help  the new owner  make the arrangements.

Links & Events To Remember

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May 20, 2004
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