What Is Communsim?

Vladimir Lenin

What is Communism you may ask. In basic terms it is the form of government described by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels in their writings. Communism is the control of goods and services (commodities) through a government that produces only to serve the people. It is total equality. Communism is abolition of private property, meaning that resources (minerals, coal, oil, ect.) and production (factories, plants, refineries, ect.) are owned in common by the people. There are generally no taxes except on a few extremely wealthy individuals. That leads to the next point. It is a government mainly for the working class and the common people. Against those like Bill Gates who do not work but thrive off the labor power (work) of others. The government controls commodities unlike corporations who may do as they please in Capitalism, and who usually squander these resources for their own benifit and greed. The media also has true freedom and is not controlled by the government. Housing is also generally free along with health care. Eventually wages and pay from working are eliminated and people are taught to work for the common good. There is also no rascism or discrimination in a communist government. Since everything is equal it makes since. It is also proposed that there will be no police brutality. Please go on to the next section-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).