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My Letter to all ZUKAUSKAS


My name is Catherine Zukauskas Johnson. I have sent this letter to all of the Zukauskas e-mail addresses that I could find. I hope that some of you will take the time to answer back.......... you never know.....we might be relatives! In 1910 my grandfather James John Zukauskas, Sr. (12/19/1893-7/17/1981) came to the USA from Kuvno, Lietuva (now Kaunas, Lithuania). My father told me that my great-grandfather & my great-uncle had passed away before my grandfather came to the USA. He did have surviving sisters (how many is uncertain) and his mother was still alive when he left. My father does not know his grandmother's name. It is believed that he arrived in Boston harbor by ship. He was only 16 years old. I am not sure yet who he traveled with if anyone at all. I have yet to see the ship's passenger lists. I am told that the lists could hold many clues to the past.

My grandfather went to his Uncle Zukauskas house to live. We do know that his Uncle came here before 1900. They settled down and his son Joseph Paul Zukauskas was born in Binghamton, NY in the year 1902. His parents were immigrants from Lithuania. Joseph Paul Zukauskas changed his name to "Jack Sharkey" and made boxing history. In 1932 he held the World Title.My father remembers grandfather talking of his cousin "the famous boxer".

My father James John Zukauska(s),Jr. born in 1923 is still alive; he has 8 surviving children & 19 grandchildren and also 1 great-grand child.

I have gotten a list of microfilm that I will be researching on the ships that arrived in Boston in 1910. It will be interesting to see what the film holds.

I am looking for any information about the surname Zukauskas. I am looking for any information about Jack Sharkey's family. If you have any information at all, including your family's ancestry for the surname Zukauskas, PLEASE forward it to me.



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