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Note: all sites listed here are not affiliated or anyway supported or endorsed by Xbertz World, rather the are sites that I would like to just pass along from one friend to another. So please feel free to email me with any sites that you think that people should hear about.
I plan on bringing you all the links you like. If there is somehting that you would like to see posted here please email me a description and the link of what you would like to see to, in the subject line please put links for site. If you have and questions or comment please let me know. Enjoy your visit, I hope that you like it here.
Google Google is a good and powerful search engine, check it out if you already havn't. Search Engine
Cnet Cnet is a good market place and more, they have aucitons message boards plus much more. E-commerce, Search Engine and more
Audio Galaxy This site is a napster spin off that allows you to look up toons. In posting this here I am not affiliating or associating my self with there site. This is only for informative purposes only. Enjoy! Music
Color Cases If your a computer builder in search of some unique cases, then search no more here are some cool and styl'n cases, one for everone. PC Cases, E-Commerce
Xbertz Designs This is a great place to have someone make a web site for you if you're a small business. E-Business

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