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Cool Links

Here you will find cool links to other site that you might not have seen before, you may also submit your own that you have found as well.

**Look for updates on this page weekly.

SEARCH ENGINES: google has a great seach engine that is easy for most anyone to use. ask a question and it will give you web sites to look for your answer. a useful site for games, searches and more.

Internet Super Search
Bravenet Web Services

E-CARDS: here you will find a vast selection of cards from a great site specializing in just cards and nothing else Yahoo has another good source for cards close to the selection of bluemountain, its worth a look if you haven't already.

GIFTS: this site has gifts that are normally discounted to about 70% of retail.

ENTERTAINMENT: find movies and cd's by title, artist or actor.

TRAVEL: area maps general or specific maps that can even give you directions.

DIRECTORIES: includes white and yellow pages online along with linking maps and homepages to those companies that provide them.

Search for Santana

Awards@B& featuring Nobel award winning books and many more from Barnes & Nobel

Please send me any links that you deem worthy or mentioning here by email. Thanks!

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Thank you for browsing, have a nice day! =-)