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~My Wolf Page~

I am a wolf LOVER!! And this page is my collection of wolf pictures. Please feel free to use them. If you do not have your own place to transload them to, feel free to link to them. However, if you can transload them, please do! As far as I know, all these pictures were free for the taking, if I'm wrong, please email me and I will remove the pic. I collected these pictures for the sole purpose of making my email pretty :)..(i never intended to have a HP LoL) therefore, I do not remember where all these wonderful pics came from :( If I got them from you, or, you know who I got them from, please email me and I will gladly give credit!

If you decide to use any of the pics on this page, please use the banner on the bottom of the page and put a link back to me somewhere on your page. Thank You!

~Running Wolf~

~Moon Wolf~

~Grey Wolf~

~Wolf Head~

~Wolf Face~

~Snarling Wolf~

~Sun Shower~

~Brown Wolf~

~Lone Wolf~

~Wolf Family~

~Black Wolf~

~B&W Wolf~

~Wolf Line~

Did you know that Wolves mate for life, and will only take another mate if they become widowed..and some decide not to mate again.

~Running Wolf~(animated)

~Wolf laying in Snow~

~Black Wolf Profile~

~Wolf Howling~

~Singing Pup~

~Lone Pups~

~The Traveler~


~Wolf in Snow~

~Wolf in Water~

~Wolf Pack~



Did you know that the pups will stay with their parents for 3-4 years. Then they might decide to leave the pack to join another or start their own. But alot of the time...the pups choose to just stay home with Mom and Dad.

~Wolves In Water~

~Woman & Wolf Pup~

~2 White Wolves~

~Mom and Pups Singing~

~White Wolf~

~Paws Line~

~Emerging Wolf~

~Wolf Icon~

~Moonlite Pair~

~Framed Wolf Pic~

~Protective Father~


~Soul Mates~

~Woman & Wolves~

~Wolf Collage~

~Wolf Pair Resting~

~Black Wolf & Moon~

~Snarling Wolf BG~

~Woman & 2 Wolves~

~Wolf & Feathers~

~Running Wolves BG~

~Lone Wolf BG~

~Woman & Black Wolf~

~Howling Wolf~


~Peaceful Pair~



~Couple & Pair~

~Woman & Companion~

~Hiding Wolf~

~Cold Howl~

~Chorus Of Pups~

~Attentive Mate~

~In The Stars~



~Watchful Eyes~

~Wolf Bracelet Bar~

~Wolf Head Button~

~Wolf Eyes Button~

~Silent Night~

~One Of The Pack~

~Wolf World~