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War Commander Online

War Commander 

How to play: when you begin, the main image will display the current battle. In the text block, it will describe what is happening and the events that have taken place. Judging from this, you must issue your orders; for better or for worse. PLEASE PLAY THE LEVELS IN ORDER! Don't just skip ahead- the game is more fun that way. Your Objective: To destroy or capture all enemies. The Story of the game: You are a platoon commander who is now in charge of the United States attack unit currently fighting WWII called "The Big Red 1". You have spent the past several years at West Point, and now you are ready to stop taking orders, and start giving them. But taking this position requires great responsibility. Don't let your men down!

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A demo of the game.
Level 1: Invasion of Normandy
Level 2: Withstand the German Offensive of Tunisia