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The Starsiege universe leads all the way back to the year 2000. Check the timeline for a list of events for the whole Starsiege and Earthsiege universe.

The Timeline
2000 - The Devastation occurs.
2015 - Led by Jake Hunter, humanity begins to emerge from the Devastation.
2025 - Jake Hunter disappears, he is named the new messiah.
2035 - The Age of Decay begins, China is reestablished and is the first meta-nation. Violence is very common.
2075 - Humanity feeds on itself. Metrozone warlords battle gangs for resources.
2100 - Six meta-nations have emerged. War is common, children are trained for warfare. Males live to about 39 and females live to about 35.
2110 - Military service has become the only way to receive an education. Many go to military academies.
2150 - Military organizations involves lifelong service and training.
2200 - Military still dominates but shares increase in new corporations.
2225 - Meta-nations place strategies to reduce violence.
2275 - The Age of Hope begins. Military slows down violence and life expectancy has risen to 83 years.
2350 - Civilization has revived. Warfare stops between meta-nations and life is valued more.
2382 - Stormtanks displace powered armor infantry as premier battlefield armor.
2400 - Average life expectancy reaches 90 years old.
2417 - Herculans become the primary ground combat vehicle.
2450 - Earths population reaches 10 billion. Computers that have advanced AI are highly used.
2455 - First permanent moon base established.
2456 - First of the manned Mars missions.
2465 - Sentinel Cybertronix is bought by NAP or the North American Prefecture, one of the meta-nations. Human life is now at 120 years.
2466 - NorthAm moon colonies established. Construction of Imbrium Station.
2470 - Asteroid mining becomes lucrative for the corperations.
2471 - Sentinel Cybertronix unveils Prometheus, an AI with unimaginable capabilities.
2480 - NAP puts Prometheus in charge of Cybrid programming.
2482 - Mars colonies are established by two meta nations.
2504 - The Comet, Noah is dropped on Mars.
2506 - Venus colonies are established.
2600 - Most HERCS are controled by Cybrids.
2602 - The Fire. Cybrids turn on humans and destroy the Age of Hope.
2605 - Earth withdraws support for the colonies, and mining stations suffer heavy casualties. Some manage to keep fighting though.
2608 - The battle of San Diego. Human vs Cybrid.
2622 - Humanity defeats Prometheus, Earthsiege 1 is over.
2624 - Earthsiege 2 begins, Cybrids attack earth from the colonies.
2625 - Solomon Petresun, the Voise of Humanity, emerges triumphantly from his underground refuge. He reveals Prometheus's base on the moon.
2627 - Earthsiege 2 ends, Prometheus escapes his destroyed moon base.
2640 - Age of Isolation. No contact by colonies.
2650 - Cybrids split into Promethean, loyal to the Dark intelect and Metagen which use the philosophy of humans.
2652 - The Great Human Empire, Petresun is crowned emperor. He reestablishes contact with the colonies.
2688 - Petresun establishes BioDerm, converts capital criminals to Cyborg laborers.
2700 - High technology help the world regain from Earthsiege. Prometheus continues to build its forces.
2717 - Cybrid activity is detected beyond Neptune.
2720 - Long patrols use Titan Orbital Station as a base.
2770 - Fortress Earth Proclamation issued, all resouses will be used to improve Earth Alone.
2800 - Colonies rebel against Earth. Cybrids have huge build up.
2814 - Trojan Horse incident, Cybrid influence discovered on 3rd world desire.
2819 - Turkhazak Debacle. The Knights are unexpectedly defeated for the first time.
2820 - Harabec Weathers leaves the Knights and goes to Mars.
2826 - Rebels find alien weapons and greatly shift the balance of power in the rebelion.
2827 - Rebels use pirates to transport alien technology to Venus.
2828 - Martian rebels kill many Imperial poice using the new weapons.
2829 - Harabec Weathers is general of the rebelion. Cybrids see an opening to attack and massive armada bypasses Titan. StarSiege begins.