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Thursday Night Hikes: St. Paul Academy Notes

Historical Notes

St. Paul Academy

Assembled by

Lawrence A. Martin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 24, 2008

The St. Paul Academy was founded in 1900, with two faculty members, Charles Nathan Brooks Wheeler, who had been the headmaster of the Barnard School since 1892, and Frederick W. Fiske, a renowned teacher previously employed at the St. Paul Central High School, and became known as the "Old School." The school was reorganized and incorporated in 1914, known through at least 1950 as the "New School." The school was initially a boys school and was specified in its Articles of Incorporation as being nondenominational in its enrollment and faculty.

The St. Paul Academy is governed by a board of trustees,with 31 individuals having served on the board from 1914 until 1964. Those board members were:

Charles W. Ames ( -1921,) Board member 1914-1921, Board president 1914-1921

William J. Dean ( -1941,) Board member 1914-1941, Board treasurer 1914-1937, Board president 1937-1941

Edward P. Davis ( -1932,) Board member 1914-1930, Board secretary 1914-1930, Board president 1930-1932

John N. Jackson ( -1945,) Board member 1914-1942, Board president 1921-1930

C. Reinold Noyes, Class of 1901, Board member 1914-1928

Charles Lesley Ames, Class of 1902, Board member 1914-1960, Board treasurer 1936-1949

E. N. Saunders, Jr., Board member 1915-1945

William D. Mitchell, Board member 1915-1926

F. E. Weyerhaeuser ( -1945,) Board member 1916-1920

D. C. Shepard, Class of 1902, Board member 1920-1923

Horace C. Klein, Board member 1921-1950

Roger B. Shepard, Class of 1904, Board member 1923-1956, Vice President 1926-1940, President 1941-1951

Jule M. Hannaford, Jr., Board member 1927-1952, Secretary 1930-

Edgar B. Ober ( -1937,) Board member 1928-1937, Vice President 1931-1932, President 1932-1937

Homer P. Clark, Board member 1932-1941

Shreve McL. Archer ( -1947,) Board member 1937-1947

William H. Lang, Board member 1941- , Vice President 1946-1951, President 1951-1959

Benjamin G. Griggs, Board member 1941-1960

William W. Skinner, Board member 1941-1949

Paul W. Frenzel, Board member 1945-1961

William Mitchell, Class of 1921, Board member 1947- , Alumni trustee

Russell M. Collins, Board member 1947- , Treasurer 1949-

Richard Ordway, Board member 1949-1961

Dr. Wallace P. Ritchie, Board member 1950-

John H. Budd, Board member 1953- , President 1959-1964

David H. Lilly, Board member 1956-

James C. Otis, Board member 1960- , Alumni trustee 1959-1960

Blake Shepard, Board member 1961- , President 1964-

William H. Sweney, Jr., Board member 1962- , Alumni trustee 1960-1962

Henry P. Blodgett, Jr., Board member 1962-

Carl B. Drake, Jr., Board member 1962-1965, Alumni trustee

Achitectural Style Notes

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