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Thursday Night Hikes: Irvine Park/Cherokee Park Architectural Hike

Directions and Related Information


Start: Start from the corner of Wilkin Street and McBoal Street in St. Paul, on the western portion of downtown

Go North: Proceed on Wilkin Street to Forbes Avenue

43 Wilkin Street: George Krech-Frank Werner House; Built in 1873.

55 Wilkin Street: George Krech House; Built in 1854.

57 Wilkin Street: John Clarkin House; Built in 1882.

86 Wilkin Street: Jeanne Jugan Apartments.

87 Wilkin Street: Olmstead/C. E. D. Olmsted House; Built in 1880.

95 Wilkin Street: Edwin S. Chittenden House; Built in 1880.

Go East: Proceed on Forbes Avenue to Elm Street

148 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1870.

Go South: Proceed on Elm Street to Ryan Avenue

Go East: Proceed on Ryan Avenue to Irvine Park

318 Ryan Avenue: Leo Goodkind-John Koenen House; Built in 1905; Victorian in style; Leo Goodkind, architect.

314 Ryan Avenue: Maria Gross House; Built in 1906; Victorian in style; Jansen and Oberg, architects.

310 Ryan Avenue: Frank Jansen House/First Jansen House; Built in 1898/1908.

302 Ryan Avenue: Built in 1900; Modified American Craftsman in style.

292 Ryan Avenue: Joseph Thiessen House; Built in 1912.

Go first South and then East: Proceed on Irvine Park to Walnut Street

59 Irvine Park: Dr. Justus Ohage House; German Romanesque/Queen Anne in style; built in 1889; Emil W. Ulrici, architect.

56 Irvine Park: John McDonald House; Built in 1870/1871-1873; Italianate in style.

53 Irvine Park: Eaton-Myler House; built in 1853/1860; Federal in style; Alonzo Eaton, Master Carpenter.

50 Irvine Park: Henry J. Horn House; Built in 1869/1874, remodeled in 1881; Victorian eclectic in style; Augustus Gauger, renovation architect.

47 Irvine Park: Spencer House/Walnut Flats; Built in 1860; Greek Revival in style.

Go South: Proceed on Walnut Street to where it dead-ends and then return to Irvine Park

223 Walnut Street: Wright-Prendergast House; Built in 1851/1864, with a porch addition in 1907; Greek revival in style.

Go first East and then North: Proceed on Irvine Park to Ryan Avenue

40 Irvine Park: Elizabeth Robbins House/Elizabeth Robbins-Annie Semple House; Built in 1888/1892; Queen Anne/Stick and Shingle in style.

38 Irvine Park: Nicholas Wagner-Sofia Marty House; Built about 1858/1912; Greek Revival in style.

35 Irvine Park: Michael Murray-Rollin A. Lanpher House; Built in 1886/1884; Queen Anne in style; Edward P. Bassford, architect.

32 Irvine Park: Built in 1853/1920.

30 Irvine Park: Rodney Parker-William Rainey Marshall House; Built in 1852/1910; New England Greek Revival in style.

26 Irvine Park: Henry M. Knox/J. Jay Knox House; built in 1850/1860; Gothic Revival style.

6 Irvine Park: Former William L. Banning House; Built in 1979.

Go East: Proceed on Ryan Avenue to Chestnut Street

234 Ryan Avenue: Charles Simonds/Symonds House; Built in 1850.

240 Ryan Avenue: James K. Humphrey-Charles L. Willis House/Harriet E. Bishop McConkey House; original structure built in 1851, with two story rear addition built in 1886; Early Victorian in style.

292 Ryan Avenue: Joseph Thiessen House; Built in 1912.

302 Ryan Avenue: Built in 1900; Modified American Craftsman in style.

Go North: Proceed on Chestnut Street to West Seventh Street

Cross Exchange Street

226-234 South Exchange Street: Panama Flats/Exchange Street Apartments, Built in 1880/1886; Queen Anne style rowhouse; Orff Brothers, architects

Go West: Proceed on West Seventh Street to Walnut Street

211 West Seventh Street: Cossetta's Italian Market

225-229 1/2 West Seventh Street: The Smith Building; Romanesque in style.

226 West Seventh Street: Wescott's Station Antiques/Able Furniture Buyers; Built in 1949.

232 West Seventh Street: Built in 1918.

239 West Seventh Street: Built in 1906.

242 West Seventh Street: Vine Park Brewing Company; Built in 1911.

243 West Seventh Street: Built in 1950.

250 West Seventh Street: Former Hudgins Gallery; Built in 1874.

251 West Seventh Street: Downtowner Woodfire Grill; Built in 1927.

252 West Seventh Street: Justice (Justus) C. Ramsey house;Built between 1850-1855; one-room stone cottage in style.

West Seventh Street and Walnut: The Saurwein Building, built in 1895, the Louise Building, built in 1895, and the Rochat Building.

258 West Seventh Street: Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub; Built in 1933.

261 West Seventh Street: Sauerwein Building; Built in 1895.

Go South: Proceed on Walnut Street to Exchange Street

307 Walnut Street: John Matheis-Charles Dewitt Fillmore House; Built ca. 1853/1900; Greek Revival/Italianate in style additions; August Knight, renovation architect.

311 Walnut Street: John McCloud/Albert Edgerton House, Built in 1867/1900; Greek Revival/Mildly Italianate in style.

Go West: Proceed on Exchange Street to Forbes Avenue

Cross Sherman Street

265 South Exchange Street: Alexander Ramsey House; Built in the period 1868-1872, Second Empire/Italianate in style; Monroe Sheier/Sheire of M. Sheire & Brother, architect.

276 South Exchange Street: Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh-General John J. Hammond House; Built in 1870; Italianate in style

284 South Exchange Street: Henry M. Knox-Governor Horace Austin-William Edward Rogers House; built in 1874/1885; Queen Anne in style, James Knox Taylor and Mathew/Matthew Craig, architects.

288 South Exchange Street: George Hess House; Built in 1904/1905; Queen Anne/Mildly Italianate in style.

300 South Exchange Street: Built in 1884.

302 South Exchange Street: William Holcombe-Congressman John Thomas Averill-Edwin Ames Jaggard House; built in the late 1870's/1884; three story French Second Empire frame house in style.

304 South Exchange Street: Built in 1880.

306 South Exchange Street: Rogers-Asa Emory Johnson House; Built in 1881; Augustus Gauger, architect.

Go West: Proceed on Forbes Avenue to Leech Street

Cross Wilkin Street

162 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1880.

166 Forbes Avenue: Margaret Heymel/Margaretha Heymel House; Built in 1883.

168 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1890.

172 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1905.

178 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1870.

186 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1970.

196 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1967.

203 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1883.

237 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1900.

245 Forbes Avenue: Frank Funk House; Built in 1910.

251 Forbes Avenue: Arthur E. Faulkner House; Built in 1908.

267 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1885.

271 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1889.

276 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1879.

279 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1875.

280 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1882.

281 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1900.

283 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1884.

284 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1874.

286 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1884.

287 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1925.

288 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1879.

292 Forbes Avenue: Built in 1927.

Go South: Proceed on Leech Street to Goodrich Avenue

Cross McBoal Street

56 Leech Street: George W. Gardner and Webster C. Gardner House; Built in 1880.

58 Leech Street: Built in 1870.

68 Leech Street: E. G. B. Henry House/William Dixon House; Built in 1885.

72 Leech Street: Frederick A. Dohm House; Built in 1900.

73 Leech Street: Women of Nations House/Wilder Day Care Nursery #2; Built in 1929.

80 Leech Street: Central Church of Christ/Glendale-Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church/St. Paul Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church; Built in 1900/1903.

82 Leech Street: Terence McGovern House; Built in 1885; Italianate in style.

83-97 Leech Street: Francis M. Pleins Residence; Built in 1857/1880/1885/1888/1891; Queen Anne/Victorian row house in style.

88 Leech Street: Valentine Haag House; Built in 1857/1880.

90 Leech Street: Valentine Haag House; Built in 1885.

96 Leech Street: Built in 1903.

102 Leech Street: Elizabeth Shearen House; Built in 1882.

105 Leech Street: Isaac George House/Edward Eggleston House; Built in 1858/1885; Vernacular Greek Revival in style.

108-110 Leech Street: Mattocks House; Built in 1913.

112 Leech Street: J. Derose House; Built in 1948.

Go West: Proceed on Goodrich Avenue to West Seventh Street

Cross Smith Avenue

Cross Douglas Street

169 Goodrich Avenue: First Joseph Haag House; Built in 1880, with additions in 1983, 1991, and 2000; Neo-Gothic/Victorian/Stick style in style.

178 Goodrich Avenue: John Schilliger-Joseph Brings House; Built in 1859/1862/1870; moved to the site in 1989; Vernacular Federal in style.

182 Goodrich Avenue: Peter J. Schmitz and Harriet Schmitz House; Built in 1889; Queen Anne in style.

183 Goodrich Avenue: Julia Schroeder House; Built in 1880; Italianate in style.

185 Goodrich Avenue: W. T. Jacobs House; Built in 1888.

192 Goodrich Avenue: James Furnell House; Built in 1876.

195 Goodrich Avenue: Xavier Mannhart and Luisa Mannhart house; Built in 1873/1875.

199-201 Goodrich Avenue: Nathan Myrick Double House/Ideal Apartments; Built in 1885.

202 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1912.

205 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1887.

206-208 Goodrich Avenue: Robert C. Schnelle Duplex; Built in 1901.

211 Goodrich Avenue: Mrs. Nicholas Lehman Fourplex; Built in 1918.

212 Goodrich Avenue: Robert C. Schnelle House; Built in 1907.

218 Goodrich Avenue: Arthur Phillips House; Built in 1885/1886.

232 Goodrich Avenue: Francis L. Schram House; Built in 1918.

233 Goodrich Avenue: E. R. Whitacre House; Built in 1908.

235 Goodrich Avenue: Jacob Yanz and Caroline Yanz House; Built in 1908.

236 Goodrich Avenue: Francis Schram Double House; Built in 1890.

239 Goodrich Avenue: Hubert Roelde House; Built in 1883.

240 Goodrich Avenue: G. Hennig House; Built in 1885.

241 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1880.

242 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1885.

244 Goodrich Avenue: Joseph Karger House; Built in 1882/1888; Transitional Italianate in style.

245 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1880.

247 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1900.

248 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1881.

254 Goodrich Avenue: Horatio H. Krause House; Built in 1915.

256 Goodrich Avenue: John Miner House; Built in 1876/1880; Italianate in style.

262 Goodrich Avenue: Frank Funk House; Built in 1874.

266 Goodrich Avenue: Charles Ringwald House; Built in 1874; Italianate in style.

270 Goodrich Avenue: Christina Koch House; Built in 1884.

274 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1884.

276 Goodrich Avenue: John Twohy House; Built in the early 1880's.

277-283 Goodrich Avenue: Burbank Rowhouses; Built in 1869/1874; Italianate in style.

278 Goodrich Avenue: Frank Funk House; Built in 1884.

291 Goodrich Avenue: Joseph Gutman/Gutmann House; Built in 1871.

293 Goodrich Avenue: Built in 1874.

Go Southwest: Proceed of West Seventh Street to Dousman Street

Go South: Proceed on Dousman Street to Banfil Street

189 Dousman Street: Caroline Woerner House; Built in 1887/1890.

187 Dousman Street: S. H. Reeves House; Built in 1887/1890.

Go East: Proceed on Banfil Street to Smith Avenue North

298 Banfil Street: Andrew Schultz House; Built in 1871/1884.

296 Banfil Street: Theodore Bohland House; Built approximately in 1870.

294 Banfil Street: Built in 1874; Worker's Cottage in style.

293 Banfil Street: Clara Wallerich House; Built in 1870/1890.

290 Banfil Street: Theresa Bear House; Built in 1898/1900.

287 Banfil Street: Nicholas Wallerich House; Built in 1870/1871.

286 Banfil Street: Horn/Levy House; Built in 1884; originally Greek Revival in style, but subsequently altered significantly.

283 Banfil Street: Built in 1885/1903.

280 Banfil Street: Vander Heyden House; Built in 1884; Greek Revival in style.

279 Banfil Street: Peter Wolfgruber House; Built in 1903/1904.

276 Banfil Street: Jacob Ames/Amos House; Built in 1889.

275 Banfil Street: Mathew Cech House; Built in 1880/1884.

274 Banfil Street: Henry Mandehr House; Built in 1881/1884.

269 Banfil Street: H. C. Sohns House; Built in 1869/1884.

267 Banfil Street: Wolfgruber House; Built in 1907; Victorian in style.

266 Banfil Street: Cominsky House; Built in 1884/1871; Italianate in style.

265 Banfil Street: John O'Donnell House; Built before 1861; Victorian in style

262 Banfil Street: Henning Von Minden House; Built in 1850/1870.

261 Banfil Street: Built in 1885/1910.

258 Banfil Street: Built in 1900.

254 Banfil Street: Built in 1912.

253 Banfil Street: Built in 1882/1889; Mildly Greek Revival/Greek Revival Cottage in style.

251 Banfil Street: Samuel Connelly House; Built in 1909/1910.

248 Banfil Street: Patrick J. Lawless House; Built in 1904/1905.

246 Banfil Street: Edward Peters House; Built in 1905/1907.

245 Banfil Street: Built in 1921.

244 Banfil Street: Built in 1908/1909.

241 Banfil Street: Frederick Scherfenberg House; Built in 1872/1886.

237 Banfil Street: Built in 1921.

233 Banfil Street: Built in 1908/1909.

232 Banfil Street: Geller House; Built in 1916/1919.

230 Banfil Street: William Haag House; Built in 1904/1908.

Go South: Proceed on Smith Avenue North to Cliff Street

489 North Smith Avenue: William P. Haag House; Built in 1905.

485 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1905.

479 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1888.

475 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1889.

473 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1889.

469 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1880.

463 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1903.

Go Southwest: Proceed on Cliff Street to Goodhue Street

Go West: Proceed on Goodhue Street to Dousman Street

241 Goodhue Street: Neil Darrah House; Built in 1885.

245 Goodhue Street: Built in 1885/1886.

249 Goodhue Street: James O'Halloran and Maggie O'Halloran House; Built in 1882/1900.

253 Goodhue Street: Christian Grunewald House; Built in 1891/1900.

257 Goodhue Street: Frank Gringiner House; Built in 1882.

266 Goodhue Street: Paul Metzger House; Built in 1884.

267 Goodhue Street: Esch-Skok House/Frank Skok House; Built in 1872; Post-Civil War Italianate in style.

268 Goodhue Street: Anna Poppler House; Built in 1900/1902.

269 Goodhue Street: Edward Penshorn House; Built in 1880.

272 Goodhue Street: Built in 1875/1880.

273 Goodhue Street: John Hassell/Phillip Fabel House; Built in 1856; Greek Revival/Southern in style.

276 Goodhue Street: John Herzog House; Built in 1870/1874.

280 Goodhue Street: Built in 1869.

281 Goodhue Street: John Skok House; Built in 1873; Greek Revival in style.

284 Goodhue Street: Built in 1868/1900.

285 Goodhue Street: Built in 1875/1880.

289 Goodhue Street: Otto Penshorn House; Built in 1875/1880.

Go South: Proceed on Dousman Street to Superior Street

Go West: Proceed on Superior Street to West Seventh Street

Cross Ann Street

283 Superior Street: Margaret Cofelt House; Built in 1915.

285 Superior Street: Built in 1870.

291 Superior Street: Anthony L. Huot House; Built in 1924.

293 Superior Street: Built in 1906.

302 Superior Street: Built in 1903.

308 Superior Street: Built in 1888.

312 Superior Street: Built in 1870.

313 Superior Street: Anton Krutina House; Built in 1901.

316 Superior Street: Built in 1890.

317 Superior Street: Built in 1885.

320 Superior Street: Built in 1895.

323 Superior Street: Built in 1885.

324 Superior Street: Built in 1875.

325 Superior Street: Duncan C. Murray House; Built in 1885.

328 Superior Street: Built in 1880.

331 Superior Street: Built in 1875.

333 Superior Street: Built in 1875.

356 Superior Street: Built in 1908.

Go Southwest: Proceed on West Seventh Street to Western Avenue South

Go South: Proceed on Western Avenue South to Michigan Street

228-240 South Western Avenue: Lauer Flats; Built in 1886/1890; Renaissance Revival in style.

Go East: Proceed on Michigan Street to Cliff Street

Cross Ann Street

385 Michigan Street: Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota.

383 Michigan Street: CSPS/Sokol Hall; Built in 1887.

381 Michigan Street: The Glockenspiel Restaurant and the Continental Pantry.

369 Michigan Street: Thornton House; Built in 1870/1884.

366 Michigan Street: Joe Glamos House; Built in 1927.

365 Michigan Street: Frank Schneider-John W. Bulera House; Built in 1850/1857/1865/1870; Vernacular Greek Revival in style.

359 Michigan Street: Built in 1885/1886; brick cottage in style.

353 Michigan Street: Lina Shermark House; Built in 1883/1885.

349 Michigan Street: Built in 1900.

346 Michigan Street: Built in 1913.

345 Michigan Street: Built in 1870.

343 Michigan Street: Joseph Egan House; Built in 1880/1892/1893; Vernacular Cottage in style.

336 Michigan Street: Joseph Hermann House; Built in 1870/1884.

335 Michigan Street: Built in 1900/1902; Transitional Neo-classical in style; Charles P. Wildung/Carl Wildung, builder.

333 Michigan Street: Built in 1900/1902.

330 Michigan Street: Built in 1880/1884.

329 Michigan Street: Built in 1900.

326 Michigan Street: John Sauter House; Built in 1880.

325 Michigan Street: Built in 1885.

323 Michigan Street: Built in 1896.

322 Michigan Street: Joseph Ficht House; Built in 1884/1900.

320 Michigan Street: Mary Heitmiller House; Built in 1908/1909.

317 Michigan Street: William H. Kammon House; Built in 1875.

307 Michigan Street: Moritz Heim House; Built in 1888.

Go NorthEast: Proceed on Cliff Street to Smith Avenue North

Go North: Proceed on Smith Avenue North to McBoal Street

458 North Smith Avenue: Benjamin J. Haag; Built in 1908.

457 North Smith Avenue: Anton Waldman House; Built in 1895.

454 North Smith Avenue: Avery and Emma Adams House; Built in 1854/1880; Greek Revival in style.

449 North Smith Avenue: Anton Waldman House; Built in 1900.

447 North Smith Avenue: Palmer House; Built in 1880.

445 North Smith Avenue: Anton Waldman House; Built in 1856/1860/1870; Vernacular Federal in style.

444 North Smith Avenue: William Heusler House; Built in 1889.

436 North Smith Avenue: Former Catholic Charities Furniture Warehouse/Dennis McCarthy Garage.

433 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1905.

431 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1885.

425 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1885.

384 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1905.

383 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1880.

378 North Smith Avenue: Built in 1900.

Go East: Proceed on McBoal Street to Wilkin Street

234 McBoal Street: Northwestern Tire; Built in 1966.

212 McBoal Street: Christopher D. O'Brien House; Built in 1870.

208 McBoal Street: Alexander Menzies House; Built in 1890.

202 McBoal Street: Catherine Weber and Martin Weber House; Original limestone structure built in 1855/1856/1875 and woodframe addition built in 1880; Vernacular Greek Revival/Italianate in style

201 McBoal Street: A. E. Whitney House/Widow O'Connor House; Built in 1889.

199 McBoal Street: T.J. O'Connor Double House; Built in 1889.

194 McBoal Street: O'Brien-Diederich/Diedrich House; Built in 1877/1880; Vernacular Italianate/Italianate in style.

192 McBoal Street: Gardner House; Built in 1885/1886; Queen Victorian in style.

186 McBoal Street: Max H. Herrmann House/Elizabeth Gardner House; Built in 1888.

180 McBoal Street: Former Central Church Of Christ/Saint Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church.

170 McBoal Street: Built in 1900.

169 McBoal Street: Terrance Mcgovern House; Built in 1878.

165 McBoal Street: C. J. Herrmann House; Built in 1887.

162 McBoal Street: Terrance McGovern House; Built in 1901.

161 McBoal Street: Built in 1895.

159 McBoal Street: Clarkin Brothers House; Built in 1895.

156 McBoal Street: Jacob J. Schindler House; Built in 1890.

155 McBoal Street: O. J. Reynolds House; Built in 1890.

148 McBoal Street: Built in 1890.

141 McBoal Street: Richard Brown Apartments; Built in 1965.

Go North: Proceed on Wilkin Street to Start/End Point

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