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Walk on the Wild Side: Thursday Night Hikes

Interested hikers and walkers are invited to join the Walk on the Wild Side Thursday Night hikers, an aggregation of hiking enthusiasts from the Minnesota Rovers, the North Star Ski Touring Club, the Sierra Club, and others, for an evening of hiking, conversation, and conviviality.

The group schedules hikes Thursday nights March through December, rain or shine/hot or cold. The hikes are open to any interested hiker or walker. Hikes begin at 7:00 PM and conclude at approximately 8:30 PM. There is no cost to participate. Hikes are moderately paced and typically cover about four miles. If you have questions, email Chris Olson .

Past articles mentioning the group that may be of interest can be found at
The Line and Star Tribune.

October 2015 Hikes

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October 1, 2015 : Battle Creek Regional Park (St. Paul)

Hike Leader: Chris Olson

Directions: Take I-94 to east of St. Paul, and take the McKnight exit south to North Park Drive. Turn west (right) on North Park Drive and park on the street. The group will meet near the intersection of McKnight and North Park Drive.

October 8, 2015: Cedar Lake Hike (Minneapolis)

Hike Leader: Chris Olson

Directions: Take I-394 to the Penn Avenue exit and go north on Penn Avenue about 100 feet to immediate first right turn, 8th Avenue SE. Turn right and park on the street as soon as you can see Bryn Mawr Park. (If you miss the first turn, the second right turn, on Mount View Avenue, also works, with a right turn on Oliver Avenue South to come back to the park.) Meet by the first ball field in Bryn Mawr Park.

October 15, 2015: Centennial Lakes Park (Edina)

Hike Leader: Linda Quammen

Directions: From Interstate 494 in Bloomington, exit onto France Ave. Go north on France Ave. and turn right onto Parklawn Ave. Take the first left into the parking lot and park at the north end near the West Elm store. We'll meet in the parking lot.

After the hike those interested will meet at the Leeann Chin restaurant (by West Elm store) for dinner or dessert.

October 22, 2015: Northern Bruce Vento Hike (Maplewood)

Hike Leader: Chris Olson

Directions: Take I-94 to I-35E in downtown St. Paul and proceed north on I-35E to the Larpenteur Avenue/Wheelock Parkway exit. Proceed on the frontage road to Larpenteur Avenue, the second street connected to the exit off ramp, and turn east (right) on Larpenteur Avenue. Continue on Larpenteur Avenue to Parkway Drive (the third stop light after leaving the freeway) and then go northeast (left turn) on Parkway Drive. Parkway Drive becomes Frost Avenue after crossing Arcade Street/Highway 61 in Maplewood. Park at the Flicek Park parking lot, 1141 Frost Avenue, which is about 7/8ths of a mile from the junction of Highway 61 and Parkway Drive/Frost Avenue. Flicek Park is primarily a set of baseball fields with a parking lot and is located on the north side of Frost Avenue, just across from a pontoon boat sales room and a dog grooming facility.

October 29, 2015: Crosby Lake (St. Paul)

Hike Leader: Tom Ellerbe

Directions: Crosby Regional Park is just east, across the Mississippi River, from historic Fort Snelling and the Airport. From the Fort Snelling area, go east over the Highway 5/West Seventh St/Fort Road bridge over the Mississippi River. Immediately across the bridge, take the Shepard Road/Edgecumb Road exit. Follow the signs to Shepard Road and at the intersection with Shepard Road, turn east (left). The entrance to the Crosby Farm Regional Park is a few hundred feet further, on the south (right) side of Shepard Road. Follow the park road east down the bluff, past the Watergate Marina area, to the first parking lot in the park, by the park picnic shelter. If that first parking lot is full, continue 1/8th of a mile east past the picnic shelter to the next parking lot. We will meet in the parking lot by the picnic shelter.

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