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Note From Me!!!

Hi!! Thanks to all the Gia fans for coming to see my page. And if you signed the guestbook or if youre going to thank you soo much.. i like to read the guestbook and see what people think of my webpage. Please feel free to e-mail me and tell me what you think of my page or any suggestions that you have or comments on how to make my page better. I would like to know how all of you like my additions to the page. I am still looking for more photographs, so if any of you have any that your willing to share I would apreciate that. Also please notify me if some of my links dont work, or if they go to the wrong place..I dont have time check everything when i update, so it would be very helpful to me.. I just want to thank you again because you coming to visit here means alot to me.

One more thing- I would like to thank all of you that have e-mailed and sent me pictures. Thanks for your suggestions and corrections on my errors!!