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Snapple Skate with The Stars

Your Stars and Coaches*

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The Compaign For Tobacco Free Kids

About the clinic

Snapple Skate with the Stars" is a one-day clinic designed to give freestyle skaters of all levels the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches and skaters in the world, as well as encourage young skaters to develop and maintain an overall training program. Headlined by World Class Coaches and Olympic Gold Medalists, this one-of-a-kind clinic is sure to be a smash hit!


The on-ice portion of the clinic will run from 8:00 am to 4:40 pm. Each skater will have four 40 minute on-ice sessions that will include edge jumps, toe jumps, choreography and quality of skating (stroking). Our "star" skaters will be on the ice to provide demonstration, on-ice experiences and give pointers on technique.


Snapple Skate with the Stars is a comprehensive day of learning - we are offering off-ice sessions that will teach skaters about a well-rounded training program. Our line up of "star" experts will lead sessions on nutrition, setting and meeting your goals, injury prevention and conditioning.

Coming to the Following Cities in 1999

Detroit, May 30-31 , Dallas, June 17-18 , New York, June 26 , Minneapolis, July 3 , Los Angeles, July 17-18 , San Jose, July 21-22 , Miami, July 31-August 1 , Boston, August 8 , Washington D.C., August 13-14 , Chicago, September 5-6