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Tara Questions and Answers

Question from Alice1385: Did the blue costume that you wore for your Olympic long program have an actual name, and if so, what was it?

Answer: No, that dress, which was designed by Lauren Sheehan, didn't actually have a name - but I loved it just because it was blue!

Question from Danielle: Tara, was it hard for you to give up your horse?

Answer: Oh gosh, yes, it was! We were living in Texas and my skating and the horse were both so expensive, my parents told me I had to choose between the two. I started to say "skating!" right away, but Mom and Dad made me think about it for a couple days to make sure it was what I really wanted. We gave the horse to the people who had been taking care of him for us, he seemed so happy there that Mom and Dad couldn't bring themselves to sell him to someone else!

Question from Gill: Do you have any tips for staying calm, or dealing with nerves?

Answer: Well, whenever I'm nervous, I like to be alone, sometimes I pace back and forth, and when all else fails, I always say a prayer to Saint Theresa.

Question from Gill: Do you ever get really mad at yourself, and if so, how do you deal with it?

Answer: Yes, sometimes I get frustrated when I'm having a bad skate or a bad practice - I deal with it by just taking a deep breath, continuing on, and focusing on the rest of my program or practice.

Question from Anonymous: Tara, what kind of skates and blades do you use?

Answer: I wear size 3 Harlicks with Vantage blades.

Question from Ric: I was wondering if you are planning on working on a Triple Lutz - Triple Loop combo?

Answer: Yes, I will be working on the Lutz/ Loop, and also on getting back my 3loop/3loop - look for both of them in my programs at some of the Pro Comps this fall!

Question from Richard: Tara, what was the exact time of day that you were born, what nationality are you, and do you have a boyfriend?

Answers: 11:18 A.M., Polish, and No, I don't have time to even think about a boyfriend right now.

Question from Anonymous: How many Beanie Babies do you have?

Answer: About 350

Question from Lisa: Tara, what is your favorite restaurant?

Answer: I love California Kitchen & Macaroni Grill!

Question from Thomas: What kind of plans do you have for the future as far as college and skating?

Answer: I plan on going to college someday, but right now I am having too much fun skating & acting to really focus in on College just yet.

Question from Megan: Tara, what is your favorite Beanie Baby?

Answer: Erin!

Question from Thomas: Tara, what do you do to relax and rest the night before a big competition?

Answer: I usually have two cassette tapes that I listen to. One is my music from the program I'm about to skate, and the other is a relaxation tape to help me sleep and wake up positive and energetic!

Question from John: What is it like to star in TV shows and meet the big stars?

Answer: It is a lot of FUN, I just LOVE it! Acting is such a different atmosphere than skating, and I have really caught "the acting bug" - Meeting stars like Cher, Brad Pitt, Bette Midler and lots of others is really cool, but I really like being on the set, talking to my fellow actors and doing my lines and portraying a character.

Question from Mike: Do you think you'll ever do anything besides skating?

Answer: Well, I do plan to go to college someday, and if I could be anything besides a skater, I'd love to be an actress full time!

Question from Ashley: How many hours a day did you practice a day when you were a Novice and a Junior skater?

Answer: Usually four to five hours a day.

Question from Ashley: Will you be coming to Canada anytime soon?

Answer: Yes! I'll be appearing in the Stars On Ice Canadian Tour.

Question from Ashley: What's your favorite thing about SOI?

Answer: Days Off!! (laughs) Actually, I DO love the days off when I can just hang out or go shopping or take in a movie with some of my friends from the cast - we all like to "cut loose" and recharge our batteries on our days off!

Question from Allyson: Of all the numbers you've ever skated to, which one is your favorite?

Answer: Walking on Sunshine, definitely!

Question from Lana: Are your skating costumes machine wash or dry clean?

Answer: Neither, they are hand wash - a very delicate hand wash!

Question from Lana: funniest thing Coco ever did/ does?

Answer: Sometimes, he rolls around the carpet playing, and when the static electricity builds up, his hair stands straight up - It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen, he looks so silly all "puffed up" like that!

Question from Sarah: Do you have any "rituals" that you perform before you go out to skate?

Answer: Yes, my Mom and I always give each other two kisses on the cheek and say "I Love you" right before I go out on the ice. Since she has been home with Dad lately, I just call her up with my cell and we say it over the phone right before the show starts every night.

Question from Sandy: What is your favorite program that you are doing on tour this year?

Answer: Definitely Second Element. It's a new direction for me and my skating, and a little "deeper" than a lot of the programs I've done in the past, that's part of what makes it my favorite - I like to constantly stretch my skating in new directions!

Question from Wayne: Who designed your Gliding/ If You Believe costume?

Answer: Lauren Sheehan.

Question form a user at CBS Sportsline: Just where DOES Tara keep all of her old costumes?

Answer: In my closet in Texas!! Well, most of them, anyway. Some of them are on display in All-Star Cafes in New York, Miami, Denver, Mexico City and Orlando - but the rest of them are just hanging there in a closet in Texas!

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