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My Information

Hello, my name is Adam McDermid. I come from a small town in northern Minnesota called Mt. Iron. It has a population of about 3,000 people. I am enjoying college and start at Defensive End for the football team. I like to golf and go cliff jumping in the summer, and try to fish and hunt as often as possible. I also lift everyday with a couple of my friends. I like to hang out with Wiits, Lee, Doug, Jones, Bri, Lindsey, Val, Laura, and Nicole (although 3 of them are away for college). And whoever else might happen to be with. There isn't much to do up here. We mostly drive around and go to the dorms. We also go up to cabins quite often.

The 1999 fall Football season record and stats. I played Defensive end and Offensive tackle.

MIB vs. Duluth Marshall WIN 30-20, 11 tackles- 1 QB sack, 1 Fumble recovery, 1 batted pass
Cook vs. MIB WIN 50-0, 10 tackles- 2 QB sacks, 2 onside kick recoveries, sent there starting QB to the hospital. Knocked out cold.
MIB vs. Deer River Loss 42-20, 9 tackles
McGregor vs. MIB Win 42-12, 12 tackles- 2 QB sacks, 1 fumble recovery
Cook County vs. MIB Loss 52-18, 10 tackles, 1 onside kick recovery
Chisholm vs. MIB Loss 25-22, 12 tackles- 1 QB sack
MIB vs. Nashwauk- Keewatin Loss 21-14, 15 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries
MIB vs. Ely Loss 29-14, 9 tackles- 1 QB sack


MIB vs. Nashwauk- Keewatin Loss 19-18, 8 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 caused fumble

I led the team in tackles, sacks, and fumble recoveries.

We had a 3-6 season, and lost in the first round of the playoffs.

The 1999-2000 Basketball season record and stats. I play forward and base.

Bigfork vs. MIB Win 67-60 Didn't play, suspended 1 game.
MIB vs. Mesabi East Win 76-65, 7 points 5-8 FTs
Cherry vs. MIB Win 72-51, 4 points
MIB vs. Toivola-Meadowlands Win 96-48, 14 points 2-2 FTs


MIB vs. Cotton Win 86-62, 15 points 4-4 FTs
MIB vs. Eveleth-Gilbert Loss 52-61, 16 points 7-8 FTs
MIB vs. Orr Win 72-55, 4 points 2-4 FTs

We took third place despite a huge upset by Eveleth-Gilbert.

Littlefork(ranked) vs. MIB Win 48-33, 3 points 1-1 FTs
Albrook(ranked) vs. MIB Loss 2/OT 54-50, 9 points
MIB vs. Chisholm(ranked) Loss 60-23, 5 points 1-2 FTs
MIB vs. Virginia Loss 50-46, 12 points 4-6 FTs
MIB vs. Orr Win 56-53, 3 points 1-2 FTs
MIB vs. Greenway Win 65-50, 8 pints 1-2 FTs
Ely(ranked) vs. MIB Win 50-45, 10 points 6-8 FTs
Deer River vs. MIB Win 55-50, 7 points 3-6 FTs
MIB vs. Cook Win 62-52, 3 points 1-3 FTs
Cotton vs. MIB Win 52-39, 4 points 0-2 FTs
MIB vs. Babbit-Embarrass Win 77-35, 8 points 1-2 FTs
International Falls(ranked) vs. MIB Win 61-56, didn't play, suspended 3 games.

With the win over I-Falls, we clinched conference champs.

MIB vs. Tower Win 89-54, didn't play, suspended.
Eveleth-Gilbert vs. MIB Win 63-50, didn't play, suspended.
Nashwauk vs. MIB Win 67-49, 2 points 2-2 FTs

With the win over Nashwauk, we clinched first place for the playoffs, and a first round bye.


1st round
Bigfork vs. MIB Win 89-47, 5 points

Quarter Finals
Cotton vs. MIB Win 65-43, 2 points 2-2 FTs

Silverbay vs. MIB Win 71-61

Ely vs. MIB Win 38-34, 4 points

State Tournament

1st round
Win-E-Mac vs. MIB Loss 81-67, 2 points 2-2 FTs

We had a 22-4 season, and lost in the first round of the state tournament. We were conference champs with a 9-0 record, and section champs with a 4-0 record.

The 2000 Baseball season record and stats. I play 2b and pitcher.

MIB vs. Pine City Win 10-7, 1-3h
MIB vs. Pine City Loss 13-3, 1-3h, 2 ip's, 2 so's, 2 runs given up, 1 walk
MIB vs. Virginia Loss 6-4, 0-1h
MIB vs. I-Falls Loss 7-6, didn't play, sick
MIB vs. BEST Win 5-3, didn't play, sick
Ely vs. MIB Loss 14-10, 0-2h, 2/3 ip's, 1 so, 3 hits, 1 run given up.
MIB vs. Chisholm Win 14-8, 0-2h, FC, scored 1
Cook vs. MIB Win 4-2, 1-1, 1b, walk, scored 1
Mesabi East vs. MIB Win 7-5, 0-2
MIB vs. Cherry Loss 10-8, 0-1h
MIB vs. Albrook Win 6-0, 1-2h
MIB vs. Ely Loss 13-9, 1-3
Eveleth-Gilbert vs. MIB Win 6-4, 0-0 bb
Nashwauk-Keewatin vs. MIB Loss 5-3, didn't play, injured
MIB vs. Littlefork Win 4-2, injured
Deer River vs. MIB Win 10-9, injured
MIB vs. Two Harbours Win 22-9, injured


MIB vs. Ely Loss 5-4, injured

We ended the season with a 10-8 record.

The 2000 College Football season record and stats. I start defensive end for Mesabi Community College.

Mesabi vs. Central Lakes @ UMD Loss 27-20, 4 tackles
Fergus Falls vs. Mesabi Win 48-20, 5 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 touchdown, 1 QB sack
Mesabi vs. Willmar Loss 36-0, 11 tackles, 1 blocked PAT
Worthington vs. Mesabi Loss-OT 26-23, 5 tackles, 1 blocked PAT
Itasca vs. Mesabi @ Mt. Iron Win 31-7, 6 tackles, 1 QB sack
Mesabi vs. Vermillion Loss 31-20
Mesabi vs. Rochester Loss 52-0, 6 tackles, 1 interception
Mesabi vs. Hibbing Win 30-27, 6 tackles
Northland vs. Mesabi Loss 15-14, 7 tackles

We ended the season 3-6 and missed the playoffs by one point. Our team consisted of all freshman except the QB, WR, DE, and MLB.