Star Wars
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Adam's Star Wars Webpage

This page is dedicated to the greatest set of movies ever created; Star Wars. I will try to make this the best site possible. I have tons of info on every star wars movie. There are pics, sounds, movies, rumors, and will soon have bios and reviews on each character in the the star wars universe. I have not updated this site in a long time. I am just starting to take interest again. Hopefully I will remember HTML. More to come.

The movies (In order of release)

EP. 2 Rumors

Official site

The Force

3D Star Wars site

If you have not seen it already, here is the trailer from Episode 1. Just click on the link below. It even has a teaser trailer on the same page.
Episode 1 Trailer

Here are some Star Wars Icons for your desktop. They are in .zip format.
Star Wars Icons 1
Star Wars Icons 2

I now have Star Wars wallpaper available. The link will take you to another page where you will find the pictures.

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