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The Eveleth Ambulance Service

The Eveleth Ambulance Service, located at 425 Jackson Street in Eveleth, MN, has been in existence for 11 years as a paid-on-call ambulance service. The ambulance is staffed 24 hours a day with a three (3) person crew, with at least one attendant in the station at all times. The ambulance is housed in the Eveleth Fire Hall. Although many of the employees of the Eveleth Ambulance Service also belong to the Fire Department, they are two separate entities.

Currently, 38 EMTís are employed with the Eveleth Ambulance Service. All personnel are trained to a minimum of the EMT-Basic level, and some personnel are trained above that level. Ambulance runs per year average around 600. Our service area includes approximately 12,000 people.

Eveleth Ambulance covers a large service area, including the Eveleth city limits, Fayal Township, portions of Gilbert, Central Lakes, McDavitt, and parts of Clinton Township. First responder units are located in many of these outlying areas. Eveleth Ambulance Service has an excellent working relationship with these First Responder groups, and often offers in-house training and special-request training to the units they respond with, which are Fayal, Gilbert, Central Lakes and McDavitt.

Eveleth Ambulance Service trains on a monthly basis, and encourages its members to seek outside training as a form of continuing education. Well trained, up-to-date employees are very important to the administrators of the Service.

Eveleth Ambulance is proud to be one of the very few Services in the state that is offering advanced medical interventions. Recently, nebulizers, epi-pens, aspirin, glucagon and were put into service, in addition to our already-established variances.

The Eveleth Ambulance Service has officers who are elected on a bi-annual basis. Currently, the officers are:
Director:		Laura Korpi
Assistant Director:	John Rauzi
Secretary:		Therese Elverum
Treasurer:		Scott Lesnau
Training Officer:	Mike Chad

Any individual seeking employment with the Eveleth Ambulance Service can stop by the Fire Hall for an application, or call (218) 744-4875 for more information. Eveleth Ambulance Service is an equal opportunity employer.
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